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April 11, 2005
Enter the Newest Nightmare
December 10, 2004
The End of 2004
October 27, 2004
99 Nightmare & the 6lb Bucket
October 21, 2004
When in Rome
September 18, 2004
Guess who's 30?
August 2, 2004
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May 24, 2004
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May 3, 2004
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April 10, 2004
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April 11th, 2005 Enter the Newest Nightmare

The Nightmare
welcomes our newest

First of all, our apologies for the lack of updates here up on the front page. the past few months have been very busy within our camp. We recorded 14 songs back in February for inclusion on the forthcoming CD, started the mixing process, lost a few of our mixes, did a few shows to pass the time, and began training a new bandmate - who you may have been introduced to if you attended either performance this past weekend at Murphy's and Albie's respectively.

Without further ado, we give our warmest welcome to our new friend and bandmate, Set, who is providing keyboards to the Nightmare.  With his first two shows out of the way, we'll be spending the next month expanding on his role in the band and beginning to introduce (gasp) NEW MATERIAL!  A few classics should be returning to the rotation as well as some brand new songs currently being worked out by Az, Carmen, and Zadoc.

Photographs from the past few shows are on the way and will be put into the photographic library shortly.  An extra special thanks from all of us here to the bands we shared the billings with (Caroline Blue, Toxic Love Affair, Hypnotica, Haunted By Angels, 6lb Bucket, and Love Bone) and especially all of our fans and friends (Jen Clarke, WitchDr, RaYzor, Patrick, Andrea, the Kingsley Girls, Joe and Randy from Enertia/Roman Singleton Project, etc) who came out to our last couple of shows despite the distances and helped us all out in many ways.  It truly makes it all worth it to have such great fans and friends around that have been so supportive of us over the years.  

Lots more performances are on the horizon, including a return trip to Albie's next month in May with our friends in Caroline Blue and also 6lb Bucket, an appearance at the 20th anniversay of NikStock in June, and a killer show in August at the Half Penny Pub featuring Toxic Love Affair, Caroline Blue, and Haunted By Angels.  Plans are also underway with Caroline Blue and Still Kicken Productions to feature a huge multi-band billing in October which is tentatively set to feature Haunted By Angels, Enertia, Hypnotica, LoveBone and quite a few more good bands and friends.

NikStock tickets are available through us at a cost of $20 - 3 nights, 60 bands, camping grounds, 25 drafts all weekend, and 100 kegs will be on board for the festivities.  If you want to purchase a ticket, we've got them - and to insure that we get a good slot - we've got to sell a bunch of them.  So drop us a line at or via phone at: (315) 592-7912 if you need tickets and/or more information. Also visit the official NikStock website for more information.

Hopefully, we'll see you all in May at Albie's with some new surprises in store.

December 10th, 2004 The End of 2004

Zadoc...& the Nightmare
video for "The Drive" debuts
December 20th on UMTV

With the year coming to a close, the Nightmare has a few more tricks left in the bag before the new year approaches.  The band filmed two live videos for the statewide public access music show Underground Music Television which marks the band's first appearance on the show.  The video for "The Drive" will air on the week of December 20th (check out the UMTV website for the times and channel for your local area).  For those of you not lucky enough to see the program, the video will be posted on both the Zadoc...& the Nightmare and UMTV websites.

December 11th sees the Nightmare pairing up with old friends in Undergang as well as Toxic Love Affair in what looks to be the last performance ever to be held at Lucky's in Rome, NY.  Apparently after this show Lucky's will be shutting it's doors and reopening in a new larger venue.  Come say goodbye to Lucky's and 2004 with us and our good friends Undergang and Toxic Love Affair.

With 2004 out of the way January looks to be a busy month for the Nightmare as well.  No performances are currently booked, but it looks like the primary recording will commence for the Nightmare's long awaited new album Tragically Ever After.  The wait should be well worth it as the band has decided to make a full length CD containing over 15 songs.  In addition, the Nightmare's second live video "Another Way" for  UMTV will be airing on the week of January 24th.

After the completion of the new CD the band plans on writing new material, a first for the current lineup.  It will also mark the first collaborative songwriting efforts in over six years.

In the meantime, the Photographic Library is expanding quite nicely with many shots submitted from last month's performance at The Gatherings By Design show, as well as some nice shots from October's 99 Special performance that featured both Azriel Mordecai and Zadoc sitting in with the band.  Also from October is a new video up for Immortal Dreams which is a special 'October Mix' with footage from both the October 7th and 9th performances.

Next show date:
December 11th, 2004 - Lucky's Rome, NY

October 27th, 2004 99 Nightmare & the 6lb Bucket

Az and Zadoc make
a Special appearance
Although there aren't any Nightmare shows to speak of this weekend, you can still catch all three of us playing alongside of some of our good friends - 99 Special and Cliff Diver.

On Friday, October 29th, Az and Zadoc will be teaming up with former Nightmare drummer RaYzor (as well as Exit, Darren Blunt, and Bill Shurtliff) in 99's second appearance since recently reforming in late 2003. 99 will be playing a slightly longer set than their 'official' comeback show earlier this year at Bleachers. The show will be at Murphy's in Armory Square and also slated to appear are Malachai (modern rock coverband), Yesterday Tomorrow (featuring members of Earth Crisis and Peep, B*tch Cassidy, and Motortramp.

Then on Saturday, October 30th, everyone's favorite drummer, Mr. Carmen Giocondo will be hitting the skins with Cliff Diver and the 6lb Bucket at the Polish Home on Teal Avenue out in Syracuse. Cliff Diver should be going on early, around 9pm, so get there early!

The Nightmare have however added a few more showdates for November:
November 19th, 2004 - Lucky's - Rome, NY
November 27th, 2004- Gatherings by Design - Phoenix, NY (with Caroline Blue, LoveBone, Four Large Men)
December 11th, 2004 - Lucky's Rome, NY

October 21st, 2004 When in Rome...

October 9th at the
First off, our thanks go out to everyone who attended both of our early October shows (October 7th at Bela Luna, and October 9th at the Half Penny Pub) as we had a lot of fun getting back out on the stage after a few months of absence in preparation for the upcoming studio effort. The performance at Bela Luna marked our longest set ever (slightly over 90 minutes of music) and both shows re-introduced an old favorite Vampire Bride back into our repretoire which hasn't been performed live in almost four years. We had a blast at Bela Luna's debut night of live music, having the honor of being the first band to ever play the venue alongside our cohorts in Toxic Love Affair. With a small quaint audience it was nice to see quite a few old friends give us a warm welcome.

October 9th saw the Nightmare rejoin the legendary Promise Breakers in another night of Artwork and rocking music. From the edgy comedy tunes of Worm Quartet, the eclectic stylings of Al Smead, J.T., Joe DiRienzo, and former Nightmare drummer I.M. Illin' as the infamous Undergang, as well as Creepjoint, the night was grooving from start to finish. It had been quite some time since we rocked with the Promise Breakers and was a completely incredible time. Caroline Blue's Wayne W. Johnson was in attendance and snapped some really nice shots from the evening that can be glimpsed in our Photographic Library.

We have two more dates coming up in October - we'll be playing this Saturday out at Lucky's in Rome, NY with our good friends in Toxic Love Affair, as well as an October 30th date the following Saturday that we're still hammering out the details for...but we'll let you know as soon as we're settled on that one.

November, so far, sees us hooking up with a double dose of Wayne - double billed in his fulltime project Caroline Blue and a one-shot reunion with his previous band Four Large Men on the 27th of November. Also sharing the billing that night will be LoveBone.

Again, thanks for coming out and showing your support for the Nightmare, and hopefully we'll have some updates on the progress of our forthcoming album Tragically Ever After to report soon.

September 18th, 2004  Guess who's 30?

The big 3-0
Lord Zadoc celebrates his 30th birthday today.  While none-to-pleased about entering his third decade, he will be enjoying a night on the town tonight at the Blue Tusk so if you're around and about in downtown Syracuse come on down and join the Nightmare and have some of the finest brews in town.
August 2nd, 2004  Another page turns...

Another page turns...
While I've neglected to update the front page in some weeks, it looks like our new forum has sparked up a little interest. For those who haven't dropped in yet, it's an entirely new layout and structure with even a few non-Nightmare categories such as the discussion of horror flicks and such.

In regards to our lineup, it seems our reunion with guitarist SINdy Crucifix has ended a bit prematurely. SINdy was having a rough time adapting to the new lineup and has also started to make some progress in getting his own band Children of Apathy back up and running. We had a blast over the last few months having SINdy back in the fold, but we're happy to report that SINdy still might make a few guest appearances at upcoming shows as well as the forthcoming new album.

On the album front, it looks like we'll be heading down to Haunted By Angels' studios to begin recording in late August. Tom Bushnell from Cliff Diver is slated to produce.

Lastly, I'd like to send our belated thank yous out to Christina for having us up last weekend for the wild weekend at Caranival, as well as to Haunted By Angels for inviting us to play an extremely last minute gig with them this past Saturday. Unfortunately Father Carmen was unable to make it, so Matt Miller from Toxic Love Affair sat in for him. Matt did a great job on such a short notice and our thanks also go out to him for sitting in with us.

June 20th, 2004 Zadoc Speaks

Zadoc Speaks...again
First off, I'd like to apologize for the lack of updates recently.  I've been in the process of building a new computer and alongside of everything else this has kept me away from web-duties.  A new show to report (at least to those of you who didn't catch Az's post in the forums) on June 26th, in Montour Falls (near Elmira, NY) where the Nightmare will be opening up for our friends in Haunted By Angels. HBA will be releasing their new album 'Season of Death' on this night and the $2 cover charge will be refunded with the purchase of Haunted By Angels brand new release.  Hope to see you there, as we're all anxiously looking forward to being reunited once again with our friends in Haunted By Angels.

 Also on this happy Father's day morning our dear friend and former guitarist has decided to grace us yet again with his delightful warm presence and irresistable charm. Yes folks, it's time for yet another installment of Zadoc Speaks. Zadoc once again takes a few moments to reflect and comment on these posts made by an old friend.

Click Here to read.

May 24th, 2004 SINdy Returns

SINdy Crucifix

It's official - Nightmare guitarist SINdy Crucifix has returned to the fold. After a guest appearance with the band on their April 3rd performance at Lucky's in Rome, NY, SINdy attended a few rehearsals to brush up on the newer songs. The Nightmare officially announced his return on their May 15th outing with Toxic Love Affair and the results of his return have been phenomenal. While the Nightmare has always considered SINdy an honorary member, it's great to have him back full-time again. As for SINdy's own project Children of Apathy, expect to hear quite a few of SINdy's songs at future Zadoc...and the Nightmare shows as well as seeing Azriel Mordecai and Zadoc backing SINdy up in future COA performances.

The Nightmare's performances this past weekend (as well as last week's with our friends in Toxic Love Affair were superb fun for us all and hopefully just as much for all of you who attended. May 15th saw TLA's Dee Thorpe assume the guitar duties for Between, and May 21st saw TLA's Matt Miller in attendance - which was cool to see him out on a night that we weren't sharing the billing together. May 22nd saw the band's debut performance at Albies, and although there was a low turnout, the few in attendance made it feel like a packed house - they wouldn't let us leave even after we finished our set, launching us into a couple of coversongs with SINdy on the drums. Also making a special appearance that night was Kitty, who supplied backing vocals on Another Way (and later on a cover of Sweet Dreams (are made of this)) A big thanks goes out to her; Jim and Chico at Still Kicken Productions; Christina and Misty at Lucky's; the folks at Albies; ReaLation; and of course our good friends in Toxic Love Affair - it's always a great pleasure to play with those guys.

Finally, the biggest thanks I have to give out is to one of our own. Azriel "The Ghoul" Mordecai suffered a neck injury during our May 15th performance and despite the excruciating pain, managed to give 110% performance with us for the following shows this past weekend. Through the past year it's been one hell of an honor to share the stage with such a gifted, talented, and energetic musician who has become one of my closest friends and my right-hand man in the kingdom of The Nightmare. Az's neck injury might require corrective surgery which could possibly put him out of commission for a while and I just want to put send my own well wishes out to my compatriot and wish for a speedy recovery for him - in my mind there has been no better bassist in the history of the Nightmare than that of our friend (and yours) Azriel Mordecai. He deserves a major amount of respect and a round of applause for his ongoing enthusiasm, passion, and commitment to being a true goth-rock warrior. Also, thanks to Matt from Toxic Love Affair for posting the same message on TLA's front page on their website.

May 3rd, 2004 Another Video

Video for
Another Way
Club 342 - LeRay, NY

The Nightmare is proud to bring you a streaming video clip of our performance of Another Way from our Club 342 show last month.  For those of you who were there, it's bound to bring back some good memories of how well the evening went - and to those who weren't in attendance, go see what you missed out on!

Expect alot more video footage to appear soon, as well as a whole slew of photographs that I've got on slate to scan in from our last two shows and beyond.

In other news, Az and I are working on putting out a yet-to-be titled Live CD from a few of the Nightmare's most recent performances to tide everyone over while we prepare to head back into the studio to finally attempt to put out our next CD.  We plan on making some short sampler CD's to pass out for free to thank all of you who have been making this past year one of the best bunch of shows that we've all had the honor of performing for you all.  The current lineup has proved to be such a successful combination of talent and energy that some sort of CD recording is long overdue.

From all of us here at the Nightmare - a big thank you to those of you who've shown your support and came out to watch us perform in the past year.  Hopefully we'll see you next Saturday at Lucky's with our good friends TOXIC LOVE AFFAIR.  Again, anyone in the Syracuse area looking to travel down with us can contact for carpool information.

April 26th, 2004 Wild Weekend

April 23rd at
Club 342 - LeRay, NY

Say hello to our new
friends in
Haunted By Angels

Again another great show up in the Watertown area put on by Metal-Scene.  It's always a pleasure to be billed on their shows and our thanks go out to Jason and Sue for once again having us up.

For those of you who missed the event, Mr. Jason 'Sabbath-Axe' Hasseler himself got up midway into our set and led us through a rendition of Black Sabbath's 'Electric Funeral' followed by a blazing guitar solo which morphed into Jason and Zadoc performing the national anthem - The Star Spangled Banner.  Another blazing set by our friends in TOXIC LOVE AFFAIR ensued after our performance and leads us up to our new friends Haunted By Angels.

Fronted by the lovely Jane-Evil, the guys in Haunted By Angels put on a great goth-metal show for those who stuck around and made instant fans of us here in the Nightmare.  Thankfully the feeling was more than mutual with the HBA crew which led to Az travelling down to Ithaca the following night to catch their performance at The Haunt and later to join them on WVBR's radio broadcast The Last Exit For The Lost. Az brought along an acoustic version of Save Me from Zadoc...and the Nightmare which got aired and even gave a brief plug to our friends in 99 Special.

Overall it was a pretty active weekend for the Nightmare and many thanks go out to the Metal-Scene, Haunted By Angels, TOXIC LOVE AFFAIR, Lick The Wound, Club 342, Last Exit For The Lost, and everyone else who made it out to Friday night's performance.

The photo gallery has been updated with alot of new photos from our April 3rd performance at Lucky's (there's still quite a lot more shots still to get put up) and from Friday night's show at Club 342 (courtesy of PIT CHIX).  Extra special thanks to Tracy Banach for the tremendous amount of photographs she's snapped at both shows.

Hope to see you all at Lucky's on May 15th and the 21st, and again at Albies in Utica on May 22nd.  Anyone in the Syracuse area looking to travel down with us can contact for carpool information.  Thanks again to all - the Nightmare rages on!

April 10th, 2004 Lucky 13th Anniversary

April 3rd at
Lucky's - Rome, NY

13th Anniversary of
Zadoc...and the Nightmare

1st Anniversary of
Azriel Mordecai

First off, let us thank once again the staff at Lucky's and our friends in TOXIC LOVE AFFAIR for another great night of fun last weekend.  The guys in TLA rocked as usual and ended their brutal set with bassist Geoff 'Smash Breakman' Miller proving the worth of his new moniker by taking out one of the ceiling light fixtures with his bass.  Chico did a fine job sitting in for Jim at the Still Kicken' Productions sound booth, and the night was a blast thanks to the lovely Christina for having both bands back playing our home away from home - in Rome.

For those of you who missed last weeks performance, you sure missed a good one.  Clocking in at around a 90 minute set, the Nightmare marked it's longest set of tunes yet and reintroduced some old favorites into the set that haven't been played in years. After a welcome guest appearance of Mr. Dee Thorpe of TOXIC LOVE AFFAIR helping us out on Long Way From Home and Between the Nightmare welcomed another very special guest.  Former Nightmare guitarist SINdy Crucifix joined the band for the remainder of the set to a very warm welcome from the great people at Lucky's.  While it's too soon to say much more at this point, it should suffice to say that we just might see more of SINdy in the near future.

Finally, after marking his own one year anniversary of claiming his role in the Nightmare, Az writes in:
"Howdy (Media) Folks! I'm working on a project and am inviting of Zadoc... and the Nightmare's fans and former members, and the members of bands who played with Zadoc (this includes RaYzor!!!!!) to send me you reflections on past and future Zadoc shows. Why? Well, it's going to be top secret for the moment since the details have yet to be hammered out with Zadoc, but it will involve a retrospective on the incredible 13-year history of Zadoc for a planned 13th anniversary celebration later this year.

What am I looking for? Well, I would obviously prefer well-dated shows, but if you can only give a year and a venue and some of the other bands who played, we may be able to figure it out. What I would like to see are thoughts about the performance -what did you like, what didn't you like. Anything strange happen at the show? That sort of thing. Photographs are also welcomed (please provide photographer credit). We'll keep information anonymous if you don't want your name attached since what we are looking for is different points of view from over the years.

WHAT DON'T I WANT? I won't waste time on boring, slanderous emails written under pseudonyms in a feeble attempt at hiding your identity. This is too childish to deal with, and I would really like to think that we are a bit beyond that kind of crap at this point in our lives. If you don't want to help, don't waste our time or yours because you'll get absolutely no satidfaction from it. If the show sucked and you thought so, so be it, but why? What didn't you like, and was it due to unforseen problems such as a bad sound system? That's the type of thing we are looking for here.

Anyone with something to say, please email me at

Thanks, people, all your help is appreciated.
The Ghoul"

The Nightmare also announces the following performance dates:
April 23rd - Club 342 in LeRay, NY
- with TOXIC LOVE AFFAIR and Lick the Wound
May 15th - Lucky's in Rome, NY - with
May 21st - Lucky's in Rome, NY - with Realation (from Albany)
May 22nd - Albies in Utica, NY - with Realation (from Albany)

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