Amiga Related Links
The official website for Amiga Inc., licensees of OS3.5, OS3.9, forthcoming OS4.0, as well as AmigaDE and AmigaAnywhere
The official website for MorphOS, an outstanding PPC Amiga compatible Operating system designed for the Pegasos PPC motherboard (and soon for classic Amigas equipped with PPC cards)

Largest collection of Amiga freeware, shareware, demos, pix, mp3's, mods, and software
OctaMED The BEST midi/sampling tracker for Amiga & PC - free demos, and freeware of outdated versions for the Amiga
This is the very software that the Nightmare uses for all their sequencing needs
SoftwareHut The best Amiga dealer in the NorthEastern United States. Good pricing and excellent service - will get you set up with the Amiga of your dreams in no time flat! Carries lots of software and hardware including OS3.9 and Amiga 1200 Magic Packs!
GPSoftware Makers of Directory Opus Magellan. I strongly urge you to upgrade your desktop to Opus if you intend to use your Amiga in modern everyday use. I have put off the upgrade for quite sometime, but now I don't understand how I've lived without it! Get Opus Magellan 5.82 now!

Directory Opus 6 is now out for PC users to replace (or run alongside) Micro$oft's ridiculous Explorer. A must if you use FTP or need a better product than Micro$oft. For up to date Amiga news
AmigaOS 3.9
Now that you've purchased the latest AmigaOS 3.9, this site may help answer questions with installation, incompatibilities, bugs, etc. that didn't make it into OS3.9's documentation
AmigaUAE (68k)
If you MUST use a PC - this is by far the best Amiga Emulator for your Micro$oft/Linux box you can get for free
Versions also exist for your PPC based Macintosh, and (yes, folks) both 68k and PPC AmigaOS! Why emulate an Amiga on an Amiga? Why not? Helps run older OS-unfriendly games and applications designed for the Amiga 1000 and A500
NOTE: You must have kickstart ROMs to run the emulator. The kickstart ROMs are under copyright by Amiga, Inc. and therefore illegal to distribute. However you can purchase them legally through Cloanto's Amiga Forever package for a reasonable priced deal of $29.99 USD
Amiga Interactive
This fascinating site offers alot of historical information on the Amiga. Such as Andy Warhol using his Amiga 1000 to create a picture of Deborah Harry, the hidden easter eggs in AmigaOS, famous uses of Amigas, interviews with the father of the Amiga the late Jay Miner, and how the Amiga was almost an Atari!
YAM Homepage Home of the freeware Amiga E-Mail Client. Once you've got your Amiga on the internet, get this excellent e-mail software for all your mailing needs.
AmigAIM Amiga AOL Instant Messenger client allows you to chat with all of your PC and Mac friends via AOL's instant messenger.
Amiga Alternative
Audio Page
Just because refuses to port RealAudio to the Amiga doesn't mean Amiga can't stream RealAudio. This site is the home of Amiga RealAudio and the famed LAME mp3 encoder
Amiga Samba
This page allows your Amiga to share files and printers with PC and Mac networks. Lot's of helpful information to get you started
DOpus 4
Research Project
The ultimate file manager is now under public license and freeware! If you still must use W*ndoze, a PC version is available for sale
MasonIcons Home of the stunning MasonIcon replacement icon packages and replacement toolbar icons. Keeps your desktop matching the awesome GlowIcon standard brought forth in AmigaOS 3.5 and 3.9
AmigaFlame A very good U.K. based Amiga Gaming News site
UnOfficial Amiga
Mediator Support
An extremely helpful site dedicated to the brand new Mediator PCI expansion boards. This site will help you get your Voodoo cards, Virge Cards, and PCI ethernet cards setup in no time. You might also feel free to check out some of the beautiful Amiga screen grabs, including one by yours truly ;-)

Amiga Hardware and Software that I strongly recommend: Mediator PCI busboard from Elbox, AmigaOS3.9, Directory Opus Magellan 5.82, Blizkick 1.24rc3 MapROM booting utility for Blizzard accelerators, Miami Deluxe TCP/IP package, SimpleMail email client, AmigAIM instant messenger, ArtEffect 4 by Haage & Partner, VHI Studio 5.4, OctaMED SoundStudio 1.03c by RBF Software, Executive 2.10 Task Scheduler, Payback (a GrandTheftAuto clone) by James Daniels, Scout (freeware) system utility, Mr. Myza PS/2 Mouse Adapter, Competition Pro CD32 Pad