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Unsigned Bands/Artists that we like
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99 Special
99 Special
Techno/Industrial/Tribal/Goth band from Syracuse, N.Y. Which the Nightmare are extremely biased about and absolutely LOVE this band...A must see! Also fellow AMIGA based artists! Mother

Born Again Savages
Uncivilized Music for an Uncivilized World...featuring former Zadoc alumni I.M. Illin' and Joe DiRienzo, with bassist John Thomas rounding out the heavy-bottom end.  New website and new vocalist/frontman coming soon... Wonderbread

Caroline Blue
Hard Rocking tunes straight from our hometown of Syracuse, NY...and lead singer Wayne Johnson's Paul Stanley impressions must be seen and heard to believe :-)  

Children of Apathy
Former Nightmare guitarist SINdy CRUCIFIX's solo project... A must see for any Marilyn Manson fan. Euphoria

Cliff Diver &
the 6lb Bucket
Hailing out of Syracuse, New York, these guys are tight, rockin', and downright bizarre! A 3 piece outfit with a frontman that will bring back memories of David Byrne. n/a

Crappy the Clown
The Hardest Working Clown in Show Biz... Crappy the Clown show (low qual. .WAV)

Dogs On Mars
Heavy infectious Rock N' Roll hailing from Syracuse, NY  

The Drunk Vicars
Coming soon...the new Punk rock, alcohol fueled band from our friend around the world - Tom B. Carpenter  

Ember Swift
Very cool groove-punk-folk from an all female band out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada! Very soulful! Not Another

Albany, N.Y.  power metal with a modern heavy edge.  Excellent musicianship all around - a must see! The Mirror

Haunted by Angels
Mesmerizing Goth-metal with a dark atmospheric sound, hailing from Elmira, N.Y. Fallen Angel (.asf)

Brutally heavy face ripping hard rock, featuring the producer of UMTV , Richie S.  Lots of great videos to watch on this website!  

Pagan Holiday
Sinsinatti, Ohio's darkest black-metal band. Our former tour-mates during the "...As the Curtain Falls..." era dates  

Perfect Symmetry
Up and coming Oswego County metal in the vein of Fates Warning, Dream Theatre, and Judas Priest. Throne of Bones

Hard hitting Punk Rock hailing from Syracuse, NY  

Punch Drunk Monkeys
Big Top Rock N' Roll hailing out of Binghamton, N.Y. Let's Have Another

Titanium Black
Local Metal-God Terry LeRoi (formerly the vocalist of Jolly Roger and Bleed Christine) is back with an all out powerhouse ensemble.  Taking metal to new heights while retaining it's roots in powerful imagery, this is one band you'll want to keep your eye on.  

Tears End
Friend of the Nightmare, Chris Halen archives the history of his former band Tears End through it's many lineups and changes Here Again

Toxic Love Affair
Our local brethren and 2003-2004 tourmates.  Hard Metallic soulful mayhem from the boys formerly known as Ssik Humor D-Day

Dee Thorpe
Catch up on the latest endeavors of Dee Thorpe - the former axeman from Krypt VI, SANE, Ssik Humor, and current axe slinger for Toxic Love Affair D-Day

Worm Quartet
Great Comedy Techno-Rock
"Faster than a Speeding Mullet"
Great Idea For A Song
National Acts an Artists
Our influences and idols
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Tori Amos
This red-headed pixie can tickle the ivories like no other. Tranceful piano-based grooves will melt your soul - Tori herself has been known to visit this site from time to time  
Black-Sabbath.com The ultimate forefathers of metal - and certainly the first to make doom laden  horror rock.  Any heavy band that tells you that they're not influenced by Black Sabbath are either very stupid or bad liars.  

The coolest Avant-Garde guitar hero and former guitarist for the 2000-2002 lineup of  Guns N' Roses... What will this masked KFC bucket wearing guru do next? Lobotomy 1 & 2
Hometown Central New York Metal Master whose illustrious career has spanned well over 40 years including his tenures in Black Sabbath, Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, Elf, and his own successful solo career.  

Iron Maiden
The godfathers of British Heavy Metal and one of our prime influences. Now re-united with vocalist Bruce Dickinson and featuring a three guitar assault...Brave New World Dream of Mirrors (.asf)

Central NY Area Coverbands

3 Inch Fury
80's Rock

80's Hard Rock / Metal

70's and 80's Hard Rock / Metal

80's Hard Rock / Metal

80's and 90's Hard Rock / Metal

The Infinite Jesture
Former Nightmare alumni Chris Halen is back again with yet another new power-pop coverband project.  Halen handles the bass duties this time in what is quite a departure from his electronic and rock and roll roots.