Dark Cloud

1) What are you currently up to?
I am seeking permanent full time employment. I have just recieved my Associates degree in Information Technology Last april and am now looking for a position to utilize my skills.

2) Where did you get your stage name from?
It is actually my Native american Handle. It was given to me by an elder of the Onondagas Nation after sitting in a sweat lodge for a long time meditating with him.

3) Name your 3 high points and your 3 low points during your tenure with the band.
High Points:
1. Working with Nathan.
2. The art Show we played with 99¢ special and Stool featuring crappy the clown.
3. The music we wrote, performed and the people we met in the process.

Low Points:
1. That it had to end.
2. That we didn't get farther than we did.
3. All the interior fighting inside the band. 

4) If the opportunity did arise, would you ever rejoin the band for performance or recording? If no, why not, and would any 'certain conditions' change your mind?
Yes of course I would.  I have often thought that those were the best days of my life.

5) What do you think of the current state of Zadoc...and the Nightmare?
I'm not sure what the current state is. However, From what me and Nathan have spoken about and the website updates I think the current state of the band is going full force and in a great direction.

6) Of all of the members of the band (including our roadies/makeup artists/photographers/etc.), who were the easiest to get along with/work with and who were the most difficult to get along with/work with?
Easiest to get along with: Zadoc, Joe (the Jester), Kirk, Steve "Ace" Moore, M.C. Illin, RaYzor, Mary Frye

Most Difficult: Monster, Ssik, Jason helmer,Jeff Densmore  ( Not that I hate them, I just got along better with the other people. I think I got along with people who were more on My wavelength.)

7) Which songs were your favorite, which were your favorite to play, and which songs didn't you care for if any?
Favorites: End of Time, No More Goodbyes, Barefoot, Brotherhood of death,All of my nights, Paper Dollz,Twisted, the Drive, Beyond our eyes etc... they go on and on. I only have one that I thought was a pain in the but That Being Birth of darkness...for the reason that it was a nightmare to record....Especially the end!

8) What memories (good or bad) stand out the most from your tenure with the band?
Working on and performing the music that I loved with my best friend.

9) Who were your favorite bands to share billings with, and what was your favorite show(s) that you performed with the band? Are there any bands that you wish you could've shared a billing with, but didn't?
99¢ special, stool featuring crappy the the 12 rooms 4 show I always wanted to open for Ozzy and Kiss!!!!

10) If you had the chance to do things over again, what would you do differently if anything?
I would be more commited to the whole thing and not let petty differences get in the way of what was a very special musical and personal relationship.

11) If you had the chance to assemble 'the perfect lineup' for the band, who would you choose to comprise the band?
I can't really say.....At least Me and Zadoc.

12) What memories do you have about playing or attending the following shows & venues:

Lost Horizon - Syracuse, NY = Too many times!!!!!
Ryan's Cafe/Oswego Falls Cafe Fulton, NY =
Different But good
Vertex - Rochester, NY =
can't remember that show too good.
QE2 - Albany, NY =
The dead rat and incredible sound
12rms4 - Syracuse, NY =
The Best Show Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jamies Coffee House - Watertown, NY =
did the fire thing first at Jaime's coffee house and set the newspaper on the floor on fire, and ate raw garlic that was thrown at us.
Shooties - Watertown, NY =
Cramped playing space.
Watertown Skate Center - Watertown, NY =
Tension and more tension.
JCC Battle of the Bands - Watertown, NY =
The funniest gig I think we ever played.
Club AKA - Messena, NY =
Getting sick as a dog afterward.
The Continental - Buffalo, NY =
Bitter sweet this was when the band seemed to be falling apart.
The Bridge Pub - Palmyra, NY =
SCARRY REDNECKS and the tire being flat.
Party Barge - Cicero, NY =
Not a good night
Stag Hotel - Syracuse, NY =
A lot of fun
Armory HIgh - Syracuse, NY = 
Not much of a memory.
Private Parties/other gigs =
Too many to remember but There was a place called The spot in camillas (NOTE: Referring to SPOC's in Camillus, NY) that we played at which was the last show I played in as a member of Zadoc Vampire Theatre.

13) Who are your favorite bands right now, and who are you currently listening to?
A lot of old rock, Evanescence, Ozzy, Rob Zombie etc...

14) The Last of Dark Cloud:
The last time you've listened to a Zadoc song =
This past halloween....I always put in zadoc music to scare the trick or treaters
The last time you've picked up drums/bass/keyboards =
I'm not sure but sometime in 2002 I think
The last current/former band member you've spoken to =
The last time you've discussed or talked about being part of the band =
about a month ago
The last local/unsigned band you've seen =
I'm not sure but it was the last show I did with Zadoc ...and The Nightmare
The last CD you've purchased =
School of rock soundtrack
The last concert you attended =
Ozzfest 2003
The last movie you saw =
School of rock

15) What was/is your favorite era of the band, past or present, during your tenure or otherwise?
Zadoc Vampire Theatre

Dark Cloud's debut show
with the band in 1995
16) Did you ever get to see or hear the band, or hear any strange rumors about them outside of your tenures with the band? What were your reactions and/or how did you feel about what you'd seen/heard?
I only hear what Zadoc tells me or I read on the webpage.

17) Are there songs that you didn't get to play that were either written after your tenure, or were cut from the setlists before your several returns, that you would've liked to have played?
I'm up to play anything.......I would play anything past or present given the chance.

18) Are there songs that got cut from the setlist during your tenure that you were unhappy about? What about songs that were added to the set during your tenure that you disagreed with?
If there were I can't remember now.

19) Hypothetically, had you stayed with the band (as opposed to have been dismissed, or leaving on your own accord) do you think you would still be with the band today?
I Like to think I am and will always be a part of the band from it's conception till today.

20) Overall, do you view your tenure being with the band as being a positive, negative, or neutral experience and why so?
It was more of a positive experience with a little negative to cloud the good times.

22) Anything further you'd like to add?
I just want to say to the current crew.....Keep rocking cause it's our music that lives in you!!!

Special thanks to Dark Cloud for being a great sport and answering these questions for us. Without Dark Cloud, this band would probably have never gotten off the ground, and certainly some of our best songs would have never been written as they are. For more information on DarK Cloud and his various roles in Zadoc...and the Nightmare check out his entry in the graveyard.