Zadoc...& the Nightmare
The Terrible History of Zadoc...& the Nightmare
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 Zadoc and Dark Cloud meet for the first time as students at Morgan Road Elementary School in Liverpool, N.Y.
Dark Cloud
  • Zadoc begins experimenting with computer sequenced music for the first time on his Atari 800XL 8-bit computer, beginning with sequencing Beatles songs (from his mother's piano sheet music) on a program called Advanced Music System.  The program (as with the Atari 8-bit computers) was limited to four "voices", or a four note polyphony.
  • Zadoc later begins programming sampled drums, again on his Atari 800XL with a program called Digi-Drum.
A.M.S. for the Atari 8-bit Digi-Drum for the Atari 8-bit
A.M.S. Player in action Digi-Drum Editor
  • Zadoc chats with Kevin Durr on a local BBS only to later realize that they both go to the same school.  They meet face to face shortly after at Soule Road Middle School.
September Zadoc and Dark Cloud meet and befriend classmate and future band mate Kirk Brinley at Soule Road Middle School in Liverpool, N.Y.  Zadoc, Dark Cloud, Kevin Durr, and Kirk Brinley start becoming close friends over a shared interest in hard rock and heavy metal music.
  • Zadoc and Dark Cloud decide to form a band and recruit Kirk Brinley (on the basis that he owned a guitar) and also Kevin Durr to play bass guitar, and later Brian Wood as drummer/manager (as also he owned a drum kit).  They initially called the band "Angells" (and Brian Wood even designed a logo for the band) but after disputes over the name and logo, were later to be known as "Silent Thunder".
  • Zadoc buys his first electric guitar and amp off of Dark Cloud for $30 (which he still owns to date).
November Zadoc's family moves to Orlando, Florida effectively putting the band "on hold" for four years.  Zadoc vows that he intends to return to Upstate, NY as soon as he possibly can - which would be almost four years later.
  • Zadoc joins several Orlando garage bands including Killer Rabbits from Hell, Bedlam, Technical Ecstasy, and others.
  • Zadoc and Dark Cloud begin their first attempts at collaborative songwriting - long distance - via handwritten letters and telephone calls.  Their first completed work together was a song called "Silent Thunder" - which Zadoc had recorded onto a cheap tape recorder.
  • Guitarist Kirk Brinley resigns on his commitment to the band "Silent Thunder" and is replaced by guitarist Nico Gerritsen.
  • Bassist Kevin Durr also resigns due to lack of interest and motivation.
Zadoc's 1990 high school yearbook photo Nico Gerritsen (left) and Kevin Durr
  • Zadoc arrives from Florida for a two week visit to Liverpool, N.Y.
  • Dark Cloud resigns on his commitment to "Silent Thunder", leaving Zadoc and guitarist Nico Gerritsen as the only two remaining members.
  • Zadoc and Nico decide to rename " Silent Thunder" out of respect for Dark Cloud.
  • Band is officially known as "Zadoc" and the first logo is designed by Zadoc, Nico Gerritsen, and Kirk Brinley - and sketched by Zadoc.

  • Zadoc writes and records his first attempt at a home demo which includes the first workings of "Save Me" and "Save Your Tears" (as well as a song named "Gone Astray" that contained lyrics that would be recycled much later into "Nightshade").
  • Dark Cloud receives his moniker from the Onondaga Nation Tribe.
  • Zadoc returns to Central New York for a second visit.
  • Nico Gerritsen has moved back to Holland with no intentions of returning to the United States, effectively ending his tenure in the band.
  • Kirk Brinley decides to rejoin the band as rhythm guitarist.
  • Vocalist Doug Wright is approached to front the band.  Despite interest, he doesn't officially join.
September 20th 
Zadoc finally relocates to Central New York and the band "officially" begins; consisting of Zadoc on lead vocals / lead guitar, Kirk Brinley on rhythm guitar, and a rejoined Dark Cloud on drums.
Zadoc, Dark Cloud, and Kirk Brinley
October &
  • Being dissatisfied with Zadoc's vocals, Dark Cloud and Kirk Brinley insist on continuing to search for another vocalist.
  • Joey Corcoran is hired as the band's vocalist and third guitar player; this arrangement turns out to be short lived as Joey's young age presents persistent problems.
  • Being without a vocalist, Zadoc once again fills in on the lead vocal slot at rehearsals; no other vocalist emerges and Zadoc takes the slot permanently, again.
  • Zadoc and Kirk Brinley pen a two early songs together - "Hellfire" and (upon insistence from Dark Cloud to have a "ballad") "The Ballad of Shadows".

    Due to Dark Cloud not owning a drum kit at the time, the band records these songs with the two guitars being played by Zadoc and Kirk, while Dark Cloud uses a cheap set of electronic drum pads
December "The End of Time" and "No More Goodbyes" are written as are the beginnings of "Brotherhood of Death"
  • Dark Cloud leaves the band in a heated argument.  Zadoc and Kirk decide to move forward, and Dark Cloud is replaced by Rich Hough on drums.
  • The band again briefly tries a third guitar player, good friend Eric Bayless (with the intentions of Zadoc and Eric sharing and splitting bass duties), but Bayless proves later not to work out.


Kirk Brinley, Rich Hough, and Zadoc
Zadoc records their first "official" demo, "Blood and Rain" at Screaming Skull studios with bassist Matt Conn.

Recorded for the 3 song demo are "The End of Time", "Deanna (Killing You)" and "No More Goodbyes".

Due to a dispute over a broken drum microphone between studio engineer Steve Lloyd and drummer Rich Hough - the master recording was never released to the band - despite the fact that Zadoc had purchased the reel ahead of time.  Zadoc felt that this dispute was between Lloyd and Hough - and when the two both blamed the negligence of the other, Hough refused to pay for the damage, Lloyd kept the master reel.

Matt Conn disappears shortly after the recording is finished.

Kirk Brinley and Matt Conn at Screaming Skull Studios
Zadoc's first "official" gig as a band for the biker bash "Fred Fest"

The band plays a 45 minute set half comprised of cover songs, without a bass player.

Zadoc's first gig
FredFest '93
September Jeff Densmore hired (without any previous musical experience) as bass player, and the band begins to attempt to teach him how to play.
  • Zadoc meets Ray Castaldo and Dan Gober (aka Angell Blakk/D.D. Nightmare) at a party in Liverpool, N.Y. for a local BBS called "The Magic Kingdom".  At this party Ray (re)introduces Zadoc to the Amiga home computer, and within a few months introduces Zadoc to a piece of music sequencing software called OctaMED (version 4.00) on the Amiga 500.
  • OctaMED Professional (previously known as MED - standing for Music EDitor; later renamed as OctaMED Soundstudio; and currently known as MED Soundstudio on the Windows platforms) was a huge step up from A.M.S. on the Atari 8-bit systems.  The program was a Tracker based music sequencer that had the distinction of being able to process 8 channels of 8-bit samples or synthesized sounds - and with a MIDI interface for the Amiga, could also sequence MIDI information.

    The program (and its subsequent upgrades) would later be used by the band to sequence and control drum machines and synthesizers as well as trigger sampled sound effects.  The band continues to write and compose using the Windows version of this program today.
OctaMED Professional v4.00
November Zadoc writes "Another Way" and introduces it at a rehearsal to his mostly disinterested band mates (Rich Hough was the only member of the band to listen and try to play along with it).  Kirk Brinley and Jeff Densmore both walk out of the room after hearing only several bars.
After numerous frustrations concerning reliability issues, Rich Hough is replaced by RaYzor Castaldo on drums.
Zadoc, Kirk Brinley, Jeff Densmore, RaYzor Castaldo
  June &
November Rich Hough briefly returns as Ray Castaldo leaves to join 99 Special
December 17th
  • Zadoc performs their last show as a traditional rock band.
  • Consequentially, this show turns out to be the first and only club date to be performed featuring Rich Hough on drums.
  • This performance also marks the first time Zadoc experiments with wearing face paint.


Zadoc's first makeup job
  • After Rich Hough fails to return from an out of state visit in time for a previously booked studio appointment, the band begins to record their second demo "Songs of the Vampire" using an Amiga 500 running OctaMED Professional v4.00 sequencing sampled drums instead of a live drummer.  Rich Hough's absence from this session results in the band firing him and the positive experience in the studio convinces the band to continue experimenting with computer sequencing.
  • Band alters their name to "Zadoc: Vampire Theatre" and the whole band begins experimenting with stage makeup and onstage theatrics. 
  • The Jester hired as an additional drummer to play over the drum machine patterns, providing the illusion of having a live player.  Like Jeff Densmore before him, The Jester is hired with no prior musical experience.


March Zadoc and Jeff Densmore play a low-key house party gig with RaYzor returning to the drum throne for a night.
April   Dark Cloud returns as another additional drummer but after synchronization difficulties, shortly is moved over to play the keyboard.
Band continues to gain acceptance and popularity as one of the most popular Goth-Theatric bands in the Central N.Y. area.
Kirk Brinley, Jeff Densmore, Dark Cloud, Zadoc, and the Jester
July Jeff Densmore resigns, Dark Cloud takes over the position of bassist.
September After the collapse of 99 Special, Ray Castaldo rejoins as part-time keyboardist.
October 21st Band begins to record "...As the Curtain Falls..." at Eastwind Studios
October 31st
  • The band plays it's first Watertown gig at Jamie's Coffee house - a weird atmosphere erupted shortly after the band's arrival sparking a few patrons to bring garlic to the show.

    A few bulbs were thrown at various band members before the performance which made keyboardist RaYzor extremely nervous, as well as making both The Jester and Dark Cloud very angry.

    Upon taking the stage, Dark Cloud scooped up a bulb and angrily bit into it (which he later learned to regret).  After witnessing this display and after the first few notes of the opening song, the crowd calmed down and thoroughly enjoyed the performance tremendously.
  • This performance also sees "Zadoc: Vampire Theatre's" first pairing with the band Pagan Holiday, leading the two bands to go on to become "1997 tourmates" - seeing both bands sharing a plethora of gigs together.
  • Midway through the recording sessions for "...As the Curtain Falls...", RaYzor resigns, overwhelmed by all the recent stress in his life
  • Keyboardist Kim Mercier (aka "Seek", "Ambrosia") joins the band after primary recording has finished - however, she does later assist with the mixing of the album

Band releases "...As the Curtain Falls..."
March The Jester is moved to keyboards and Steve "Ace"  Moore is hired as an additional guitarist.
May Zadoc and Dark Cloud are escorted out of a Watertown, N.Y. Battle of the Bands by Jefferson County police after the organizer of the competition called the police on them for disputing their disqualification.  As soon as their performance was completed the band was screamed at by the organizer of the event that they were being disqualified for using fake blood in their performance - which contradicts the agreement the band had made at meetings with the organizer prior to the competition that was witnessed by representatives by all of the the competing bands.  The band had agreed to place a tarp the floor to avoid staining the floor with blood, and also agreed to forgo smashing television sets, which was also complied with. The band fully complied with these rules yet were disqualified anyways when the organizer later claimed that blood was not allowed at all - after their performance was finished.

Not concerned with the competition or winning any prizes, the band's only request to accepting their unfair disqualification was to have the judges  announce to the audience where Zadoc: Vampire Theatre would have placed had they not been disqualified, seeing as the band had brought over a dozen people from Syracuse that paid a $5 admission fee (in addition to the expense of travel) solely to see the band compete. The organizer refused this simple request and also refused to refund these patrons their money after they complained as well.  After this small but heated argument the organizer called the police. The official voting ballot that was given to the band by a disgusted judge who witnessed the incident, gave Zadoc: Vampire Theatre a perfect score.

June Music video is shot for "Brotherhood of Death", but still remains unreleased.
October The band parts ways with The Jester, RaYzor returns to drums.
December 3rd "Zadoc: Vampire Theatre" plays it's last show with it's classic lineup.
December 7th
  • Due to internal conflicts and a desire to progress further, Zadoc quits "Zadoc: Vampire Theatre" signaling an end to an era.
  • Although Dark Cloud and Kirk Brinley originally intended to continue on (with Zadoc's blessing) as "Zadoc: Vampire Theatre" without Zadoc, their plans never get off the ground.
December 25th Zadoc begins a demo for a new project named "7th Sin".
January   Zadoc teams forces with Dan Gober (theatrics), and former Zadoc: Vampire Theatre members Ray Castaldo (bass), Steve Moore (guitar) to form 7th Sin - much later adding Nazareth on keyboards.
August "7th Sin" disbands and becomes a production company and recording studio studio.
September "Zadoc: Vampire Theatre" is reformed with the Jester returning to drums, Zadoc on guitar and vocals, and Dan Gober on theatrics (and faking several instruments).
November  The Jester resigns to start a family, Steve Moore is rehired for guitar, Kyle Proia joins as a percussionist/keyboardist, and Russell David Pope Jr. later joins on percussion.
February   Founding member Kirk Brinley returns and replaces Steve Moore on guitar.
April  Russell Pope resigns from percussion and becomes involved in production work, Dan Gober resigns theatrics and focuses on management.
"Zadoc: Vampire Theatre" releases a self titled CD that is later shelved at the request of Dan Gober.
August 19th
  • Due to growing problems with Dan, and Zadoc's frustration, Kirk Brinley parts ways with the band and the music business.  His last performance is August 19th at the Sundance Ranch in Watertown, N.Y.
  • New song "Off with Her Head" debuts.
October After a tirade of guitar players, former Sunshine guitarist Monster joins on guitar.
The band decides on a fresh start and is renamed to "Zadoc...and the Nightmare".
Dan debuts as a bass player and "X" is inducted as lighting technician.
December Despite initial protests by Zadoc about changing the logo, Dan Gober designs a new logo for the band, which would later be illustrated by Monster, and refined by Zadoc.
Dan Gober's original draft Monster's second draft Zadoc's final draft
various Dan Gober continues to instigate problems and later forces more members out of the band than in it's entire history.
Some casualties: Russell David Pope Jr., Steve Moore, Nazareth, Skarekrow, SINdy Crucifix, Bat Boy, Monster, Ssikk, Leslie Rose, Twitch Twilight.
January Band begins to record debut album "Beyond Our Eyes".
August The guitar switches hands from Monster to SINdy Crucifix due to overwhelming problems with Gober and Monster over addiction and personality problems.
After various delays, re-recordings, lineup changes, personality problems, and disgust, "Beyond Our Eyes" is finally released.
October 13th
Zadoc ties the knot with longtime girlfriend, Courtney, performing a special set of music for a crowd of about 200+
Mr and Mrs. Zadoc Angell
January Having had enough of Dan Gober, Zadoc seizes an opportunity to fire him and put an end to all the damage Gober has caused.
Gober attempts to remain in the music business by unsuccessfully trying to join "Children Of Apathy" and "Atmos/Fear X", but winds up selling all of his musical possessions instead.
February Zadoc invites Dark Cloud to reclaim the role of bass player.
March 30th The band ends a brief stint under Low-Key Productions. At a gig in Cicero, N.Y., a chaotic melee occurs after delays, bad sound mix, and finally equipment failure.  The Nightmare decides from that point on to work only with contracts to avoid such a mishap again.
May The band records a cover of the song "Rocket Queen" for a Guns N' Roses tribute CD compilation. Former drummer RaYzor contributes a drum track to the release.
  • The band announces new member MC Illin - drummer for Born Again Savages. The Nightmare hasn't had a drummer since 1996
  • Former member Skarekrow passes away at age 22.
July New album Paper Dollz (which would later become "Tragically Ever After") is announced. Songwriting begins, with a few early cuts debuting at the Erotic Art Show at the Stag Hotel.
November 10th  Former guitarist Monster attends a performance at the Stag Hotel and rejoins the band the same night.
January Guitarist SINdy Crucifix departs in order to further pursue his solo project Children of Apathy
February Forthcoming album is renamed "Tragically Ever After" to avoid copyright infringement due to the departure of SINdy Crucifix.
March Gary Dobbins signed on as producer for "Tragically Ever After"
Zadoc joins Children of Apathy as guitarist replacing guitarist Ash Bowie.
April Dark Cloud is dismissed from the band. Zadoc and Dark Cloud agree to continue on as a songwriting team while Born Again Savages guitarist Joe DiRienzo fills in as a studio session bassist for the recording of "Tragically Ever After"
June The band begins recording the primary tracking of "Tragically Ever After"
  • Zadoc joins Black Sabbath tribute band Supernaut
  • Zadoc's home is burglarized by a former member of the Nightmare. Thankfully only two gaming consoles along with dozens of games were stolen.
  • Former keyboardist Kim Mercier (Ambrosia) attends a performance July 27th at the Stag Hotel and offers to rejoin the band the same night.
Black Sabbath Tribute band Supernaut
Jason Hasseler, Tom Mitchell, Zadoc, and Kevin
August Former keyboardist Kim Mercier (Ambrosia) officially rejoins the Nightmare.
September Drummer I.M. Illin' resigns (mainly due to creative differences with Monster), former drummer RaYzor Castaldo returns as his replacement.
October Former bass player BatBoy attempts breaking and entering into Zadoc's home only months after the robbery of Zadoc's home. The attempted burglary occurs on Zadoc and his wife Courtney's second anniversary on October 13th.
The Nightmare hastily records three 'teaser' songs slated to appear on the forthcoming CD (this time featuring RaYzor and Ambrosia) due to delays in being able to finish the album in a reasonable fashion.
January   Supernaut disbands.
March Zadoc disbands the Nightmare due to Ambrosia and Monster's inabilities to function productively, and RaYzor's imminent return to a re-united 99 Special, however, Zadoc reconsiders his intentions after being verbally abused and harassed by former guitarist Monster about his 'real' intentions for disbanding the project.
The sad reality behind the 'real' intention is far worse which resulted in Ambrosia becoming divorced from her husband.
April Longtime friend and fan of the Nightmare, Az Mordecai auditions for the band's bass guitar duties. Upon performing a few of the older songs, Az produces a rare cassette only release of "Songs of the Vampire" released by Zadoc: Vampire Theatre in 1995, which he bought in that same time period. Zadoc was flattered and impressed; Az walked away with the job.
May Ambrosia hastily announces her impending departure from the band, having plans on moving out of state, less than a week before a promotional photo shoot.  Az and Zadoc wisely decide to go ahead and continue with the photo shoot as planned, producing excellent promotional photographs from Bent Wire Studios.
June On a recommendation from Cliff Diver bassist/frontman Tom "Cliff" Bushnell, drummer Carmen Giocondo joins the fold.
July 5th Zadoc unveils the new lineup at a 'debut' show at Bleachers in Liverpool, N.Y.  Drummer Carmen Giocondo not feeling quite ready to join the band live onstage opts to sit the show out.  Despite a lack of a drummer and a slight pyrotechnic misunderstanding with the Bleachers staff, the show goes off fairly well.
July 12th Zadoc, Az (with his then-girlfriend Esther), and Ambrosia attend a Born Again Savages and Small Girl Boils Water show at the Planet 505 in Syracuse, NY.  Former guitarist Monster arrived sometime later that evening and verbally harassed Zadoc, Az, Esther, and Ambrosia and physically assaulted Ambrosia upon leaving.  Zadoc posts an angry retort on the band's forum (which he later removed deeming it to be too offensive for the forum's rules) which resulted in a slew of slanderous and contradictorily inaccurate rebuttals by Monster and his wife (who was also present at the incident). 
July 19th Only a day before the new lineup's second performance, keyboardist Ambrosia has a mental breakdown and opts not to perform the following day's gig.  Zadoc and Az decide that the show must go on, and performed as a two piece alongside a trusty drum machine.  Two days later sensing the problems that her unreliability is causing the band, Ambrosia resigns from the Nightmare.
July 20th The Nightmare performs for the first time alongside Ssik Humor, beginning a strong friendship between the two bands leading to many more pairings of Ssik Humor with the Nightmare.
Again as a two piece, Zadoc and Az perform at the Metal Madness festival held by Metal Scene alongside of Ssik Humor, Dogs on Mars, Hypnotica, Wiremouth, OBIE, Bitterweed, Tribal Law, and others.  Zadoc also responds to the mess of posts on the band's forum with a long and detailed clarification of the untruths and slanderous accusations by former guitarist Monster.
Az and Zadoc
Gothic Rock Duo
September 5th
Drummer Carmen Giocondo finally debuts as the drummer for the Nightmare at a performance at the Bridge Street Music Hall
Az, Zadoc, and Carmen at the Bridge Street Music Hall
October 11th
Zadoc reunites with former Nightmare drummer I.M. Illin' and guitarist SINdy Crucifix, filling in as a bass player for a Children of Apathy performance at the historic Landmark Theatre in downtown Syracuse.
Mike, Zadoc, SINdy, and Illin'
Children of Apathy
October 17th In what was to become a legendary 'blunder' within the Nightmare camp, bassist Azriel Mordecai becomes stranded and was left behind after a gig in Rome, NY with the Born Again Savages.

At the end of the night, both Zadoc and Carmen packed up the equipment into each of their vehicles and mistakenly thought that the other car also contained their bass player - they both drove off until growing suspicious after a few miles

Az, realizing his predicament, hitched a ride back to Syracuse with John Thomas, bassist for the Born Again Savages - although Carmen had turned around by this point to return to club.

Az has still not let this incident be forgotten.

October 25th After performing a set with The Nightmare, Zadoc joins members of the band Enertia onstage to provide the vocals for a rendition of the Ozzy Osbourne classic "Over the Mountain" up in Watertown's Club 342.
April 3rd A surprise guest performance by former Nightmare member SINdy Crucifix on a number of songs at a gig out at Lucky's - in Rome, NY, begins a prospect of SINdy rejoining the Nightmare.
May 15th SINdy officially rejoins as a member of The Nightmare out at Lucky's in Rome, NY
June After a few musical differences and disagreements, the Nightmare and SINdy Crucifix mutually part ways again.
July 24th The Nightmare performs at Caranival, and marks the first time the band has performed at an outdoor event in over a decade since playing the Fred Fest back in 1994

Members of the Nightmare and Toxic Love Affair stayed the weekend in the campgrounds in a mutually shared area dubbed "Camp Toxic Nightmare".

Unfortunately, the diet for these campers consisted almost entirely of alcohol - with the exception of what Toxic Love Affair drummer Matt Miller and Nightmare bassist Azriel Mordecai referred to simply as "Beer-gers".

July 31st Accepting a last minute gig replacement as a favor to Haunted By Angels, drummer Carmen Giocondo is unable to make it.  Toxic Love Affair drummer, Matt Miller, sits in after a 6 hour rehearsal the night before.
November 27th The Nightmare films two videos for the regional cable access music video show UMTV (now known as UVTV) at a performance at the Gatherings By Design in Phoenix, NY.  Videos for "The Drive" and "Another Way" are filmed during the performance.
February 4th Zadoc, Azriel Mordecai, and Carmen Giocondo begin laying down tracks at Cliff Diver's home studio for the band's next album, "Tragically Ever After", deciding to start from scratch rather than to add on to the sessions originally started in 2002 with Illin'.
March Desperately missing having synthesizers in the band's sound, the band decides to take on newcomer s3t on the keyboards.
April 8th s3t debuts as the band's keyboardist at a performance at Murphy's in downtown Syracuse, NY.  Unfortunately, s3t's first gig is marred by the owner's nephew who harassed and later punched s3t while the band was loading out at the end of the night.
May 14th
  • s3t is involved in a minor automobile accident causing him to miss the band's gig in Utica (his first and only missed performance to date since joining the band).
  • The band debuts it's first new song and first collaborative effort in almost four years - "Is It Me?"
October 22nd Former member RaYzor rejoins the band as rhythm guitarist and debuts at a gig at the Half Penny Pub in Syracuse, N.Y.
February 22nd Band resumes recording sessions of "Tragically Ever After" at H.O.W.D.Y. Music Studios under Exit, with the intentions of having Exit mix and master the final mixes.  RaYzor's guitar parts and s3t's keyboards are added to the album alongside of the sessions recorded by Cliff Diver.
various Guest appearances are recorded on TEA by former member Ambrosia, former Haunted By Angels vocalist Jane Evil, and Dee Thorpe.
June 24th Band decides to part ways with Exit and begins to mix and master "Tragically Ever After" at Strangeland Aydio Studios under Scott Patnode.  Additional recording is also recorded at Strangeland Audio.
October 14th The band takes a set of promotional photographs for the album "Tragically Ever After" at BentWire Studios in Utica, N.Y.
October 28th Former Haunted By Angels vocalist Jane Evil joins the band onstage at a Halloween show at Sebastian's Lounge in Painted Post, N.Y. singing "Bathory's Web" (which she recorded guest vocals for in the studio) and a cover of the Guns N' Roses song "Sweet Child O' Mine".
November 18th Jane Evil is once again invited to sing with the band at a gig on November 18th at the Gathering Place down in Rome, N.Y.  After the gig the band invites her to become a full-time member of The Nightmare.
November - December Mixing is completed for "Tragically Ever After" at Strangeland Audio Studios on November 28th.  Mastering is completed on December 4th, 2006.
December 13th The band appears on "Hate the Radio", an internet radio show and plays the entire "Tragically Ever After" album, performs live, takes calls, and gets massively drunk and silly on the air.
February 3rd / 4th
  • After performing a gig at the Half Penny Pub in Syracuse, N.Y., Zadoc, Az, and Jane Evil travel down to Ithaca, N.Y. and appear on WVBR 93.5 FM's weekly metal show "Last Exit For the Lost".
  • The show plays selected tracks off of "Tragically Ever After", and the band later performs 9 songs acoustically live on the air.
Az, Zadoc, and Jane Evil performing live on the air on WVBR's "Last Exit For the Lost"
  • The band hires independent film maker Ron Bonk to film a music video for the song "Bathory's Web" and begins casting on June 10th.
  • RaYzor gradually phases his way out of the band missing various shows due primarily to his dislike of playing out of town.
  • Primary filming for the "Bathory's Web" video begins the following month in July.
  • The band wraps up the shoot by filming their performance shots at Singer's in Salina, N.Y. on August 13th.
October 23rd Zadoc appears on Onondaga Community College radio show called Super Mix to promote the band's forthcoming album and music video debut, and also performs "Another Way" live in the studio. 
October 27th Music video for "Bathory's Web" premieres at the Palace Theater in Eastwood, N.Y. as part of the B-Movie Fest along with the debut of director Ron Bonk's feature film "Clay".
  • Drummer Jim Glading fills in for Carmen Giocondo for the band's first Ohio show on November 9th at The Cove in Geneva on the Lake, Ohio.
  • For the next six months, Jim Glading would unofficially be the band's drummer due to Carmen's increased unavailability.
  • The music video for "Bathory's Web" is released on YouTube and MySpace on November 11th.
  • After years of delays the band finally releases "Tragically Ever After" on November 13th.
January 26th
The band performs an alternate soundtrack for the cult classic movie "Evil Dead" at The Red House in Syracuse, N.Y.  The band performed a specially crafted set for over 90 minutes in front of a projector that was playing the movie and was followed by another screening of the "Bathory's Web" video.
February 29th
March 2nd
  • The band performs on March 2nd at the Penny Arcade in Rochester opening up for national acts Wednesday 13, Creature Feature, and The AKA's.
  • Despite the very positive reaction the band received in Pennsylvania with their new song "My Dead Eyes", Jane Evil refuses to sing the song this night.
  • Tensions mount within the band when a very inebriated Azriel Mordecai and several inebriated members of the band As Summer Dies - who also opened the show - get into a argument at a bar across the street.
March 22nd Three weeks later the tensions and fractures in the band worsen when the band plays their first New Jersey show at Dingbats in Clifton, N.J.  The show, which was originally booked for Jane Evil's then-fledgling solo band (a Heavy Metal act) sees The Nightmare (a Gothic Rock band) amidst an ill-fitting bill amongst a bunch of Heavy Metal and Death Metal acts.
May Over the course of the past six months the band begins to see that things are not working on many levels with drummer Jim Glading and decide to make an effort regain their musical chemistry and work around drummer Carmen Giocondo's availability issues.  Although Jane Evil initially decides to stay with the band, her focus quickly changed to her solo project and she too leaves the band.
June 5th