Horror Movie Site Links
by Courtney Angell

Homepage of the Dead features all kinds of stuff on the Romero "Living Dead" series. Great page with a lot of cool info and pictures. Another one of my faves.


The official site of special effects master Tom Savini, and the best one.

The best page for info on horror movies past and present.

A Bruce Campbell Web Ring, perfect if you love the Evil Dead trilogy, or even just Bruce himself!!

If you are into Phantasm this is THE site!

Good fan page devoted to John Carpenter.

Good Stephen King fan page.

Fantastic Alien fan site. Includes information on all of the Alien movies, and on upcoming ones as well.

Great site if you are a fan of the Escape From New York/Escape From LA movies!

Killer site! If you ever saw They Live and liked it, you HAVE to check this site out!!

Wonderful site if you love these movies! They are two of my all time fave movies.

Hugely informative site on all of the Halloween movies.