Other Wonderful Sites of Interest

Tom Around the World
"One more way of making the world a cooler place!"
Come help send Tom around the world in this wonderful scampaign of the Born Again Savage's frontman

A Walk on the Wildside
A lovely site created by the Reverend Jennifer Clarke. Chocked with Pagan related information, gothic/pagan related artists, personal photographs and much more... Plus, she mentions Zadoc...and the Nightmare several zillion times!!
A tribute to the greatest mall from the 70's and 80's in Central NY.  Join Ham (bass player for The Audacity) in his various tours about the mall back in its heyday as well as his fateful last tour before its destruction.

Complete with a guestbook and a forum to share your own memories.

Elliot Mattice Homepage of Syracuse Area Artist Elliott Mattice
Savage The home page of extraordinary artist Chad Savage. If you love extreme graphics that deal with vampires and dark goth things this is the place to go. His work is outstanding and beautiful. Please check it out, he even has some free fonts, icons, and stuff

The Witch's Den
A site by former Zadoc...and the Nightmare keyboardist / manager Witchy
Entertainment Forum
Sadly, this forum is sometimes populated by losers and idiots babbling incoherently, and the intellegent posts can be few and far between. Unfortunately, to know what goes on in the Syracuse area music scene you might have to stop here...BE WARNED!