Zadoc...& the Nightmare Discography

Beyond Our Eyes

Blood and Rain

Songs of the Vampire (version 1)

Songs of the Vampire (version 2)

...As the Curtain Falls...

Zadoc: Vampire Theatre

Beyond Our Eyes

Buried Alive!

Tragically Ever After
(in production)

[Track Listing]
1. Passing the Gates
2. Beyond Our Eyes
3. Save Your Tears
4. Vampire Bride
5. Barefoot
6. Off With Her Head
7. Save Me
8. The Drive
9. Bathory's Web
10. Birth of Darkness
11. Passing the Gates (reprise)


[Line up:]
Zadoc [Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Sequencing, additional Drums and percussion]
Monster [Guitars, Guitar Synth, Keyboards, Bass]
SINdy Crucifix [Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals]
Dan Gober [Bass]

Steve Moore [Guitar, Percussion]
Skarekrow [Backing Vocals on "Barefoot"]

October 2000 - Cassette and Compact Disc
(Currently Out of Print)


Zadoc (Engineer)

  • The album cover artwork is a visual representation of the "Fields of Tomorrow" mentioned in the chorus of "Off With Her Head".
  • Many of the bass tracks were secretly re-recorded by either Zadoc or Monster unbeknownst to Dan Gober.  Zadoc made an inside joke of this calling it the "Foldger's Crystals" technique (based on the classic Foldger's coffee commercial where the announcer 'secretly' replaced an unwitting family's regular coffee with 'new Folder's Crystals').
  • A few of the songs Dan Gober voluntarily allowed Zadoc to record the bass lines himself.
  • Zadoc considers this album to be the single-handedly most frustrating recording session he's experienced.  He regrets much of the poor mixing job which he blames on the stress of having re-recorded many of these songs several times over, due to the insistence of Dan and Monster.
  • Many of the songs debuted on long before the full album was released.  The album was even able to be purchased before it was fully completed.  Several of the songs charted rather high on the worldwide charts, most notably "Bathory's Web" which peaked at number 4 on the 'Gothic Metal' charts.
[Recording, Mixing, and Mastering] Zadoc
7th Sin Studios

Recorded on 8 track Fostex Harddrive Digital Multitrack Unit
Mastered on Mini-Disc and CD-R 

[Album Artwork]
[Front Cover Artwork] Concept and Design by Zadoc, Monster, and Dan Gober
[Logo] Designed by Dan Gober
Illustrated by Monster and Zadoc
[Booklet Layout and Design] Zadoc
[Photography] Toni DiSalvo
[Multimedia Content] Zadoc

From "Zadoc: Vampire Theatre" to "Beyond Our Eyes"
  • August 19th, 1999 - Kirk Brinley plays his last farewell show before cutting his hair and leaving the music business.  Zadoc has a hard time fighting back tears during the performance.
  • September 1999 - Mary Anson (who was dating Kirk at the time) also decides to quit the band.  She creates tension in the band's household by also refusing to pay her share of the rent.
  • October 1999 - Former Sunshine guitarist Monster joins the band.  Dan Gober decides that he's had enough of doing Theatrics and decides to learn to play the bass, moving Bat Boy to the guitar.
  • Late October - It's decided that the band needs a new name.  Zadoc doesn't feel comfortable dragging the 'Vampire Theatre' tagline through the mud anymore without any of the classic lineup involved.  The band changes it's name to "Zadoc...and the Nightmare".
  • December 1999 - Recording begins on "Beyond Our Eyes", many bandmembers are shuffled in and out of the project during the duration of the recording session. 


Others who've worked on the album or have been approached to do so at various stages of production
  • Skarekrow - Recorded backing vocals for the song "Beyond Our Eyes" which wound up being re-recorded after he left the project.  Also created the first drafts of the album cover - which infuriated Monster.
  • Steve Moore - Recorded much more guitar work which was dubbed over or re-recorded after he left the project.  Also provided the alarm clock featured in the song "Beyond Our Eyes", and shattered the glass for the sound effect heard in "Birth of Darkness".
  • Chris Halen - Former "Zadoc: Vampire Theatre" drummer was approached to rejoin the band playing keyboards, which he declined the offer.  Was working as a D.J. at WAQX 95XFM and managed to sneak a few plays from the album onto the late night shift, as well as conducted interviews with Dan Gober and SINdy Crucifix on the air.


Album Concept Art and Photographs
Rear panel of the CD insert