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Blood and Rain

Blood and Rain

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Tragically Ever After

[Track Listing]
1. The End of Time
2. Deanna (Killing You)
3. No More Goodbyes

previous preliminary titles:

No More Goodbyes


[Line up:]
Zadoc [Vocals, Guitars]
Kirk Brinley [Guitars, Backing Vocals]
Matt Conn [Bass, Backing Vocals]
Rich Hough [Drums, Backing Vocals]
June 1993 - Cassette Only
(Currently Out of Print)

Kirk Brinley
Rich Hough

Steve Lloyd (Engineer)

  • Although paid for in full, Zadoc does not own the Master 1/2" reel for this recording due to a dispute between drummer Rich Hough and Engineer Steve Lloyd of Screaming Skull Studios over a broken microphone.  The microphone used on Hough's snare drum was supposedly broken during the recording session and Lloyd was asking for $90 for the damage.  Hough claimed that the placement of the microphone was Lloyd's fault and refused to pay him, whereas Lloyd claimed that he asked Hough about the placement of the microphone and whether it was 'safe' for Hough's playing.  Zadoc felt that this was a dispute between the two parties to resolve and unfortunately Lloyd kept the master reel in compensation for the damaged microphone.
  • Bassist Matt Conn was taught his parts about 3 weeks prior to the recording session.  He left the band shortly after the recording was completed.
  • Out of Kirk Brinley's eight year span with the band, this is the only recording to feature backing vocals from him.
  • Most copies of this demo were sold and/or released without a cover.  Most were given away freely - very few were sold for profit.
  • The recording was named from a a line from the lyrics of "No More Goodbyes"
  • Zadoc designed a hand drawn illustration for the album cover, but damaged it before it was complete.
[Recording, Mixing, and Mastering] Steve Lloyd
Screaming Skull Studios

Recorded on 8 track 1/2" Reel
Mastered on Type-II High Bias Audio Cassette and DAT

[Album Artwork]
[Front Cover Artwork] Concept and Design by Zadoc
[Logo] Designed by Zadoc, Kirk Brinley, and Nico Gerritsen
Illustrated by Zadoc
[Booklet Layout and Design] Zadoc (in progress)
[Photography] Eric Bayless
[Financing] Zadoc and Kirk Brinley
Approximately $350 for Recording, Mixing, and Mastering

Leading up to "Blood and Rain"
  • June 1991 - The band simply known as "Zadoc" is formed by Zadoc and Nico Gerritsen.  Kirk Brinley declines to join, but helps aid in the design of the band's logo.
  • Late 1991 - Late 1992 - Zadoc records demos of over 20 songs written for use in "Zadoc"
  • Early 1992(?) - Nico moves back to Holland.
  • July 1992 - Kirk Brinley decides to join the band.
  • September 20th, 1992 - Zadoc relocates back to Central New York after having lived in Florida for almost four years, band "officially" begins and consists of Zadoc, Dark Cloud, and Kirk Brinley
  • January 1993 - Dark Cloud storms out of the band after a brief but heated argument.  Through mutual friend Eric Bayless, Rich Hough is auditioned and hired on the spot.
  • May 1993 - After talking to an acquaintance about being in need of a bassist, Zadoc is introduced to Matt Conn
  • Late May 1993 - The band begins recording "Blood and Rain" at Screaming Skull Studios.  Matt Conn leaves the band a few weeks afterwards. 


Others who've worked on the album or have been approached to do so at various stages of production
  • Dark Cloud - Left the band prior to the recording, but co-wrote both "The End of Time" and "No More Goodbyes"
  • Eric Bayless - Recommended Rich Hough to the band after the departure of Dark Cloud.  Also briefly tried as a third guitar player.  His photograph of Zadoc, Kirk, and Richie was used as the front cover artwork
  • Dave Huyck - Helped re-EQ "No More Goodbyes" at Eastwind Studios
  • Marlo Angell - Produced a music video for "No More Goodbyes".  Is also Zadoc's younger sister.


Album Concept Art and Photographs
The full photograph used for the album cover Kirk Brinley and Matt Conn at Screaming Skull Studios during the mixdown