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Buried Alive!

Blood and Rain

Songs of the Vampire (version 1)

Songs of the Vampire (version 2)

...As the Curtain Falls...

Zadoc: Vampire Theatre

Beyond Our Eyes

Buried Alive!

Tragically Ever After

[Track Listing]
1. Between
2. Another Way
3. Long Way From Home
4. Nightshade
5. The Drive
6. Off With Her Head
(hidden track)
7. The Star Spangled Banner

previous preliminary titles:

Live Undead


Recorded Live: April 23rd, 2004

[Line up:]
Zadoc [Vocals, Guitars]
Azriel Ezra-King Mordecai [Bass]
Carmen Giocondo [Drums]

Jason Hasseler [Guitar on 'track 7']

May 2004 - Compact Disc Only
(Currently Out of Print)

Slated for DVD Re-Release in 2005


Zadoc (Remastering)
Coutney Angell (videography)

  • Was released simultaneously as both an audio CD (with multimedia content) and a Video CD.
  • As it was primarily handed out for free, very few covers were produced.  Most were distributed in paper sleeves.
  • Was recorded on drummer Carmen Giocondo's 40th birthday.  The band and the audience sang him "Happy Birthday" during the show.
[Recording, Mixing, and Mastering]

Recorded on 8mm Video Cassette
Remastering done by Zadoc using various audio software packages
Mastered onto Compact Disc

[Album Artwork]
[Front Cover Artwork] Concept and Design by Zadoc and Az Mordecai
[Logo] Designed by Dan Gober
Illustrated by Monster and Zadoc
[Booklet Layout and Design] Zadoc
[Photography] Wayne W. Johnson
Tracy Banah
[Multimedia Content] Zadoc
[Financing] Self produced
Album Concept Art and Photographs
Rear panel of the CD insert