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...As the Curtain Falls...

Blood and Rain

Songs of the Vampire (version 1)

Songs of the Vampire (version 2)

...As the Curtain Falls...

Zadoc: Vampire Theatre

Beyond Our Eyes

Buried Alive!

Tragically Ever After

[Track Listing]
1. Passing the Gates '96
2. Save Me
3. Brotherhood of Death
4. Twisted
5. The End of Time
6. Insanity
7. Sarcophagus (only available on re-issue)
8. Birth of Darkness

preliminary title:

No Applause


[Line up:]
Zadoc [Vocals, Guitars, Sequencing, additional Drums and percussion]
Kirk Brinley [Guitars]
Dark Cloud [Bass, Backing Vocals]
The Jester [Drums, Percussion]

RaYzor "Ham Sandwich" Castaldo [Additional Keyboards]

January 1997 - Cassette Only
(Currently Out of Print)
Re-issued in March of 2000 on Cassette and Compact Disc

Dave Huyck
Dark Cloud
Kirk Brinley
Kim Mercier

Dave Huyck (Engineer)
Mike Jaffarian (Engineer)

  • Originally titled "No Applause" by Dark Cloud and Zadoc.  This was meant as a cryptic inside joke harkening back to the days when the band would play shows with literally no applause from the audience.  Once the band shifted gears towards a more theatrical approach, audience response became more positive almost immediately.
  • The title was renamed from "No Applause" due to a severe dislike for the name from guitarist Kirk Brinley.  Brinley, who was in charge of typing up and mailing the band's monthly newsletter at the time, omitted all reference to the news about the forthcoming album due to being upset over the name.  He stated that his reasoning for being upset was that he "wasn't consulted upon" concerning naming the album (which he never complained about previously - all previous releases were named by Zadoc, alone).
    Zadoc and Dark Cloud became angry when they found out about the omission from the monthly mailing, as he removed all reference to the album and not just the name that he objected to.
    In an effort to quell the disagreement, the three band members sat down at a local restaurant with the intention of brainstorming together for a new name for the album.  Kirk basically sat silently while Zadoc and Dark Cloud tossed ideas back and forth.  Eventually, between Zadoc and Dark Cloud the title "...As the Curtain Falls..." emerged, and Kirk was satisfied.
  • Kirk Brinley's reasoning for disliking the preliminary title "No Applause" was that he felt it reminded him of a bad stand up comedian.
  • Dark Cloud recorded a few backing vocal tracks that didn't make the final mix of the album.
  • The band had a performance shortly after the album was completed and wanted to have the album ready for sale in time for the show.  Unfortunately, the packing wasn't finished yet, so Zadoc handcrafted a quick cover - with most of the writing on the jacket in his own handwriting - and photocopied about 50 copies.  All 50 were sold by the end of the night.
  • In September the cassette cover was changed to reflect the band's new home address in the contact information listed on the jacket.  The band also decided to change the blue logo to red for these new revisions.  Less than 50 were produced before Zadoc quit the project.
  • The 2000 reissue release on Compact Disc features a different photograph than the original 1997 cassette release.  However, this photograph was first seen on a set of postcards sold by the band during the summer of 1997.
  • A music video was filmed by the band for the song "Brotherhood of Death" but remains unreleased.
  • Zadoc, Kirk, and Dark Cloud finished recording the basic rhythm parts for all 7 songs in one 3 hour session.  The Jester, however, was having such great difficulty getting his parts right that Zadoc wound up playing some of the drum parts himself instead.
  • It was intended to release a followup remix album entitled "Behind the Curtain", which never materialized.
  • Zadoc attempted to reunite the 1997 lineup to record an extra song for the 2000 re-issue.  When that failed, Zadoc added an updated arrangement of the instrumental song "Sarcophagus" instead.
[Recording, Mixing, and Mastering] Dave Huyck
Eastwind Studios

Recorded on 16 track 1" Reel
Mastered on Type-II High Bias Audio Cassette and DAT

[Album Artwork]
[Front Cover Artwork] Concept and Design by Zadoc
[Logo] Designed by Zadoc, Kirk Brinley, and Nico Gerritsen
Illustrated by Monster (2000 re-issue)
[Booklet Layout and Design] Zadoc
[Photography] Jason 'Tiny' Helmer (2000 re-issue)

Dannette Lease (original 1997 Cassette Release)

[Financing] Zadoc, Kirk Brinley, and The Jester
Approximately $1,000 for Recording, Mixing, and Mastering

From "Songs of the Vampire" to "...As the Curtain Falls..."
  • July 1996 - Due to his life taking a more pedestrian turn due to becoming engaged, and a dislike for Dark Cloud, Jeff Densmore resigns from the band.
  • August 1996 - Dark Cloud takes up the bass guitar.
  • September 1996 - After the demise of 99 Special, RaYzor decides to rejoin the band picking up the keyboard slot.
  • October 1996 - The band plays a Halloween show up in Watertown and befriends the Watertown metal band, Pagan Holiday - who would become their '1997 tourmates' on support of the 'Curtain demo' (as it was to become known as).
  • Late October 1996 - Recording begins on "...As the Curtain Falls..."


Others who've worked on the album or have been approached to do so at various stages of production
  • RaYzor Castaldo - Played keyboards on a few tracks before resigning midway through the sessions.  RaYzor would return months later to fill in the vacant drum slot after The Jester was bounced to the keyboards.
  • Kim Mercier (aka Ambrosia) - Replaced RaYzor on keyboards after his departure.  She did not play on the album, but did attend the mixdown sessions and helped guide the production.
  • Mike Jaffarian - Mixed "The End of Time" at Eastwind Studios
  • Marlo Angell - Filmed a music video for "Brotherhood of Death".  Is also Zadoc's younger sister.


Album Concept Art and Photographs
The original 1997 cassette release cover