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Tragically Ever After

Last Updated: November 14th, 2007

Blood and Rain

Songs of the Vampire (version 1)

Songs of the Vampire (version 2)

...As the Curtain Falls...

Zadoc: Vampire Theatre

Beyond Our Eyes

Buried Alive!

Tragically Ever After

[Track Listing]
1. Beyond Our Eyes  
2. Long Way From Home  
3. Immortal Dreams  
4. Nightshade  
5. Off With Her Head  
6. Bathory's Web
7. Another Way  
8. Between  
9. Vampire Bride  
10. Barefoot  
11. All of My Nights  
12. The Drive  
13. Save Me  
14. No More Goodbyes  
15. Twisted  

previous preliminary titles:

Paper Dollz
Zadoc...and the Nightmare


[Line up:]
Zadoc [Vocals, Guitars]
Azriel Ezra-King Mordecai [Bass]
Carmen Giocondo [Drums]
s3t [Keyboards]
RaYzor Castaldo [Guitars]

[Guest Appearances:]
Dee Thorpe [Guitar]
Ambrosia [Backing Vocals]
Jane Evil [Guest Vocals]
Courtney Angell [Voices, Whispers]

[Release Date:]
November 13, 2007

Tom Bushnell

Tom Bushnell (Producer/Engineer)
Exit (Engineering)
Scott Patnode (Mixing/Mastering)

  • * Denotes from the original June 2002 sessions.
    It is unclear whether any of the tracks from this session will or might possibly be included on the finished album.
  • A three song 'teaser' demo was released (primarily online as downloadable mp3's) in late 2002 featuring a lineup of Zadoc (vocals, guitar, bass), Monster (guitar), Ambrosia (keyboards, backing vocals), and RaYzor (drums).  However, these tracks were only meant as demos and not intended for inclusion on the album.  They were roughly produced, mixed, and recorded to give the fans a taste of what the then-current band sounded like before they attempted to complete the album.  This lineup disbanded after only a few months.
[Current Status:]
[Release Date] November 13th, 2007
[Recording] Initial sessions began February 4th, 2005 (under Tom Bushnell)
Resumed February 22, 2006 (under Exit)
Completed June 21, 2006
[Mixing] Mixed by Scott Patnode at Strangeland Audio

Began June 24, 2006
Completed November 28th, 2006

[Mastering] Mixed by Scott Patnode at Strangeland Audio

Completed December 4th, 2006

[Album Artwork]
[Front Cover Artwork] Illustrated by Alice Mary DeHaven
Concept by Zadoc and Dark Cloud
[Logo] Designed and illustrated by Azriel Ezra-King Mordecai
[Booklet Layout and Design] Zadoc and Azriel Ezra-King Mordecai
[Photography] Bentwire Studios - Utica, NY
[Multimedia Content] Zadoc 

From "Beyond Our Eyes" to "Tragically Ever After"
  • October 13th, 2000 - Zadoc marries his longtime girlfriend.  During the ceremony the Nightmare debuts two new songs: "Between" and "Long Way From Home", amongst several other songs written specifically for the ceremony.
  • January 2001 - Dan Gober is fired from the Nightmare.  Zadoc seeks to reform the band under a different direction.
  • February 2001 - Former bassist and founding member Dark Cloud returns to the fold.
  • April 2001 - Zadoc runs into Born Again Savages drummer I.M. Illin' and the two show interest in working together.
  • June 2001 - I.M. Illin' revealed as drummer for the Nightmare, marking the first time the band has worked with a live drummer in over 4 years.  Talk of a new album surfaces.
  • July 2001 -  SINdy Crucifix's new song "Paper Dollz" is considered to be the title track.  Preliminary album artwork is designed and illustrated by Zadoc.
  • November 2001 - Former guitarist Monster returns to the fold.  SINdy Crucifix announces his intentions to return to his solo project, Children of Apathy.
  • January 2002 - Guitarist SINdy Crucifix officially resigns from the Nightmare
  • February 2002 - The new album's working title has been officially renamed and announced as "Tragically Ever After"
  • March 2002 - Gary Dobbins signs on as producer for the forthcoming album
  • April 2002 - Due to conflicts between both I.M. Illin' and Monster, Dark Cloud parts ways with the Nightmare
  • June 2002 - The band begins recording 7 songs at Eastwind Studios.  SINdy Crucifix sits in on guitar duties and Born Again Savages guitarist Joe DiRienzo fills in on the bass.
  • August 2002 - Former keyboardist Ambrosia (also known as Seek, Kim Mercier) returns to the band.
  • September 2002 - Drummer I.M. Illin' resigns due to conflicts with guitarist Monster.  Former drummer RaYzor Castaldo returns to fill the vacant position
  • October 2002 - To ease the long delay of Tragically Ever After the band records demos of three songs with the current lineup.
  • November 2002 - Bassist Animal joins the fold.
  • January 2003 - Zadoc disbands the Nightmare due to situations created by Monster and Ambrosia.  After a few weeks of abuse and harassment at the hands of Monster, Zadoc decides to reform the band with the remaining members minus Monster.
  • March 2003 - Due to a lack of organization and dwindling rehearsals, Zadoc again disbands the Nightmare with intentions of starting from scratch.  However, upon the insistence of Ambrosia, he decides to continue working with her.
  • April 2003 - Bassist Azriel Ezra-King Mordecai joins the band.
  • June 2003 - Az and Zadoc do a promotional photo shoot, keyboardist Ambrosia begins to show her unreliable nature by opting not to show up.  Drummer Carmen Giocondo is hired, although it would be a few months before he would perform with the band.
  • July 2003 - After performing one debut show as a three piece, keyboardist Ambrosia recklessly and abruptly quits the band the day before the band's next performance.
  • September 2003 - Carmen Giocondo makes his debut performance drumming for the band.
  • April 2004 - Guitarist SINdy Crucifix briefly returns to the band.  The band puts out a temporary CD entitled "Buried Alive!" featuring live cuts from their Watertown show at Club 342.  Copies are few and are given away for free - less than 75 copies were produced.
  • June 2004 - Plans are made to begin re-recording Tragically ever after at Wisemind studios in August of 2004.  6lb Bucket frontman Tom Bushnell (aka Cliff Diver) signs on to produce.
  • August 2004 - Due to lack of communication and unreturned calls and e-mails between Zadoc and Wisemind Studios, the studio session never sees fruition.
  • December 2004 - Arrangement are made to begin recording at Producer Tom Bushnell's home studio.
  • February 4th, 2005 - Recording finally begins on "Tragically Ever After"
  • March 2005 - Keyboardist s3t joins the band
  • Spring/Summer 2005 - After laying down guitar, vocals, and bass overdubs, the band and Tom Bushnell begin making preliminary mixes.  Dissatisfied with the results and the growing frustrations between the band and Bushnell, the band decides to take the mixes elsewhere and also prepares to add s3t's keyboards to the album.
  • August 2005 - former Nightmare member RaYzor added to the lineup on rhythm guitar.  In the meantime, Zadoc's financial and legal problems add further delay to the completion of the recording. 
  • January 27th, 2006 - 99 Special frontman Exit is officially confirmed to complete the recording and mixing of the album.
  • February 22nd, 2006 - Recording sessions resumed at H.O.W.D.Y. Music Studios
  • April 8th, 2006 - Keyboard parts completed
  • June 21st, 2006 - Recording completed
  • June 24th, 2006 - Mixing begins at Strangeland Audio studios
  • October 14th, 2006 - Promotional photo shoot taken at Bentwire Studios
  • November 11th, 2006 - Tentative tracklist made
  • November 28th, 2006 - Mixing finalized, mastering process begins
  • December 4th, 2006 - Mastering process completed
  • January 6th, 2007 - Jane Evil officially becomes a member of Zadoc...& the Nightmare
  • May 28th, 2007 - Ron Bonk hired to film and direct a video for "Bathory's Web"
  • June 10th, 2007 - Auditions held for "Bathory's Web" video
  • July 13th, 2007 - Filming begins on "Bathory's Web" video
  • August 23rd, 2007 - Filming completed on "Bathory's Web" video
  • November 11th, 2007 - "Bathory's Web" video released on YouTube
  • November 13th, 2007 - Album released


Others who've worked on the album or have been approached to do so at various stages of production
  • I.M. Illin' - appears on the June 2002 sessions playing drums.
  • Joe DiRienzo - appears on the June 2002 sessions filling in for bass guitar.  Did not commit to joining the band.
  • SINdy Crucifix - appears on the June 2002 sessions playing rhythm guitar filling in for Zadoc's guitar parts, as he worked sequencing and provided a scratch vocal track
  • Monster - appears on the June 2002 sessions playing guitar, also appeared on the 3 song 'teaser demo' released in October 2002 in which he also contributed backing vocals, submitted several preliminary album artwork sketches
  • Gary Dobbins - Producer for the June 2002 sessions.
  • Mike Jaffarian - Engineer for the June 2002 sessions.
  • Dave Huyck - Assistant Engineer for the June 2002 sessions, was also under consideration to produce the session at one time.

  • RaYzor Castaldo - appears on the 3 song 'teaser demo' released in October 2002 playing drums
  • Ambrosia - appears on the 3 song 'teaser demo' released in October 2002 playing keyboards and contributing backing vocals
  • Tim Harrington - Was under consideration to produce the 2002 session; was also under consideration to mix the 2005 session 
  • Andrew Wheeler - Approached the band about recording the album, band gave up on the offer due to difficulties in communication
  • World Suffering Studios - Was under the consideration for the band to record the album
  • Pete Walker - Was under consideration to record the album
  • Steve Lloyd - Was under consideration to record the album
  • Dee Thorpe - Joined the band briefly during the short breakup of his band Toxic Love Affair in early 2004, added a bridge section to "Long Way From Home" earning himself a writing credit

Album Concept Art
2001 Album Artwork Concept
(Illustration and Design by Zadoc)
2002 Album Artwork
(Illustrations by Monster; Layout and design by Zadoc)
2006 Album Artwork
(slight differences from the final released version)