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Zadoc: Vampire Theatre

Blood and Rain

Songs of the Vampire (version 1)

Songs of the Vampire (version 2)

...As the Curtain Falls...

Zadoc: Vampire Theatre

Beyond Our Eyes

Buried Alive!

Tragically Ever After

[Track Listing]
1. Beyond Our Eyes
2. Save Your Tears
3. All of My Nights
4. The Drive
5. Barefoot
6. Vampire Bride

preliminary title:

Save Your Tears


[Line up:]
Zadoc [Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Sequencing, additional Drums and percussion]
Kirk Brinley [Guitars]
Mary Anson [Keyboards]
May 1999 - Cassette and Compact Disc
(Currently Out of Print)


Zadoc (Engineer)

  • Album cover began as a quick sketch made on a Post-It Note by Russell David Pope Jr. at 'Zadoc: Vampire Theatre' performance at the Wolf Inn
  • The original album cover featured black and white checkered Egyptian style pyramids, as opposed to the Aztec styled pyramids on the 2000 re-issue.  A pair of checkered pyramids were constructed for the band's stage show and were reused in 2003 for a handful of shows.
  • The lighthouse that appears on the cover is the West Pier Head located in Oswego, New York.  It resides on the shores of Lake Ontario, which was a favorite relaxation and meditation point for Zadoc and Russell David Pope Jr.
  • The album artwork has an actual title itself - "Darkened Sky".  It is a visual representation of the chorus of "Vampire Bride".
  • The fist "Zadoc" related album to be issued on Compact Disc
[Recording, Mixing, and Mastering] Zadoc
7th Sin Studios

Recorded on 8 track Fostex Harddrive Digital Multitrack Unit
Mastered on CD-R 

[Album Artwork]
[Front Cover Artwork] Original concept by Russell David Pope Jr.
Concept and Design by Zadoc and Dan Gober
[Logo] Designed by Zadoc, Kirk Brinley, and Nico Gerritsen
Illustrated by Zadoc
[Booklet Layout and Design] Zadoc (in progress)
[Photography] Courtney Angell

From "...As the Curtain Falls..." to "Zadoc: Vampire Theatre"
  • January 1997 - Kim Mercier quits the band due to mental anguish over her failed relationship with Zadoc.  Manager/makeup artist Witchy is brought in as a temporary backup keyboardist.
  • March 1997 - The band hires a third guitarist, Steve "Ace" Moore due to Kirk's increasingly 'difficult to work around' schedule, as well as his lack of progress as a guitar player.  Kirk was unable to perform many shows during this time period and Steve helped fill the void nicely in his absence.  There were also a few shows to feature all three guitarists, which the band was also pleased with.
  • Late March 1997 - The Jester is 'demoted' to the keyboards after not being able to keep up with the drum machine.  His military service begins to find his availability limited as well, and manager/makeup artist Witchy is again brought in as a backup keyboardist for the dates he is unable to perform.
  • November 1997 - After lots of struggling back and forth over his ability and apparent lack of 'stage presence', Dark Cloud fires The Jester.
  • December 7th, 1997 - Four days after their last show together Zadoc quits the band due to lots of 'in fighting' and lack of progress.  Zadoc gives his blessing and his share of his co-writing copyrights, the allowance of the name and the logo over to the remaining members.
  • Late December 1997 - Many of the former members of the former members disband, leaving only Dark Cloud and Kirk Brinley left in the band.  Kirk resigns as well after Dark Cloud's insistance on taking over the lead vocal slot.  RaYzor and Steve Moore join Zadoc's new project, along with Dan Gober, called "Seventh Sin"
  • February 27th, 1998 - Seventh Sin plays their first show at a High School 'coffee shop' event.  Many classic "Vampire Theatre" songs are played in the set as well as some newer songs.
  • June 1998 - Keyboardist Nazareth is hired, but the band disbands shortly afterwards.
  • September 1998 - Zadoc and Dan Gober pair up with former alumni The Jester.  The band plays one show under the name "The Righteous and The Wicked" before deciding on resurrecting the name "Zadoc: Vampire Theatre".
  • October 1998 - The Jester leaves music behind him to get married and raise a family out of state.  Steve Moore is rehired.  Kyle Proia is hired by Dan Gober to replace The Jester's role of 'percussionist'.
  • January 1999 - Russell David Pope Jr. is hired to replace Kyle Proia, as Kyle is moved to the keyboards.  Steve Moore is fired by Dan Gober, and Kirk Brinley decides to rejoin the band.
  • February 20th, 1999 - Russell sketches the first draft of the album cover on a small post it note before the band takes the stage.
  • March 1999 - Mary Anson is hired as a second keyboardist.  Dan decides to 'quit the band' and encourages Kyle and Russell to join him.
  • April 1999 - Zadoc, Kirk, and Mary Anson begin to record "Zadoc: Vampire Theatre"


Others who've worked on the album or have been approached to do so at various stages of production
  • Dan Gober - Did theatrics and managed the band.  Was also notorious for stirring up trouble amongst the ranks.  Quit the band prior to the recording and persuaded bandmates Kyle and Russell to quit as well.
  • Kyle Proia - Left the band prior to the recording
  • Russell David Pope Jr. - Designed the first draft of the album cover.  Left the band prior to the recording.
  • Steve Moore - was hired, fired, and rehired many times throughout the course of the band during this time period.
  • Nazareth - was rehired shortly after the album was released.
  • Bat Boy - was hired as bass player shortly after the album was released.


Album Concept Art and Photographs
The earliest rendition of the album cover featuring artist Russell David Pope's "Post-It Note" sketch Another early rendition of the original album cover featuring the title "Save Your Tears"