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March 12th, 2004 I originally wrote a small rant on my take on this whole mess about The Howard Stern Show being taken off the airwaves on Clear Channel stations, but have since found many great links on Stern's website which put things into a better perspective than I could ever put them. Please take the time to read some of these articles and try and realize what is happening to our freedoms in this country.

Personally, I have never been so frightened as I am right now since the PMRC hearings that attacked rock music in the early 1980's.

Check out these links: HERE
February 24th, 2004 Az writes in:
" On behalf of myself (don't wanna put words in my beloved bandmate's mouths), I'd like to thank 'The Man of Steel' Shawn, Dee, Matt, and Geoff of TOXIC LOVE AFFAIR (formerly Ssik Humor) for a great time at Luckys. Zadoc, along with TLA and Down the Sky ripped the joint apart Saturday with three consecutive powerhouse sets. I'd like to wish our friends the best with their new moniker and forthcoming recording, as well as thank Dee Thorpe personally for joining us for the better part of our set.

To the fans: this isn't the end, but the beginning of the new Toxic Nightmares... although, 'the Nightmare Affair' has a better ring to it, I think... and considering how incestuously linked together our two projects are, affair is only perfect... it'd take you days to map out who was in whose band when and where...

So..... stop out an join us for the party."

After the great time we had at Lucky's this weekend, it's our pleasure to announce that both the Nightmare and TOXIC LOVE AFFAIR will be returning on April 3rd, and May 15th.

As for more news on the Nightmare...we'll be getting some new promotional material together in the upcoming months and prepare to finally finish the long awaited Tragically Ever After album. Some Syracuse area shows are also in the works for the springtime.

Lastly, band biographies for Az, Carmen, and Zadoc have finally been put up (even though they're still in the rough stages) and the site should be getting back on track to regular updates soon.

Thanks again to TOXIC LOVE AFFAIR, Dee Thorpe, Jim at Still Kicken Productions, and Christina at Lucky's for another great round of Nightmarish fun.

February 19th, 2004 Wow! What a long grueling winter it has been...after receiving over 7 feet of snow over the month of January the website has been a touch neglected as of late. Lots of new pictures are up, however, in our Photo Gallery, including shots from Savage Sarge's birthday bash which featured the legendary 99 Special returning to the stage after 7 long years of absence. Zadoc, himself joined in as a member of 99 Special playing some keyboards and guitar for the band's much anticipated return. The show was a blast with alot of good friends in attendance - you can check out the pictures in the Miscellaneous section of the Photo Gallery

Also in early February, the Nightmare made a return appearance to Bleachers with the Born Again Savages, The Maledictions, and The Pushrods which has also been added to the Photo Gallery.

A special thanks goes out to Wayne W. Johnson of Caroline Blue for taking these shots from both nights and for coming out and supporting both bands. Thanks again Wayne, from both the Nightmare and from 99 Special.

Nightmare bassist Az Mordecai wrote the following about our upcoming show this weekend at Lucky's in Rome, NY:
" To those who haven't already been informed, Zadoc... and the Nightmare will be playing this Saturday (February 21st) at Luckys in Rome. We've done a couple of shows here over the last few months and they've always been great experiences...Zadoc will be playing with our cohorts formerly known as Ssik Humor: TOXIC LOVE AFFAIR and Down the Sky. Everyone who caught any of the past Ssik Nightmares shows at Bridge Street Music Hall, Luckys, or Mr. McGills knows that the new 'Toxic Nightmares' will definately be an awesome show... and who knows... maybe even a special guest will join us for the set. We'll see. See you there."

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November 29th, 2003 A new interview has gone up this week with none other than founding member and my best friend of over 23 years, Dark Cloud! Also to ease your searching for past interviews, you can now check out both interviews from RaYzor and Dark Cloud (as well as from those yet to come) by clicking here. A link will also be posted in the main section of the graveyard within the next few days or so. Stay tuned for a new interview every week for Fiendish Friday's Epitaph Interviews
November 22nd, 2003 The Nightmare wants to give a belated thank you out to Christina and the rest of the staff at Lucky's and Jim at Still Kicken Productions for making things run smoothly. Again it was a pleasure to share another billing with Ssik Humor which afterwards morphed into a crazy hybrid band (consisting of Dee Thorpe and Matt Miller from Ssik Humor on guitar and drums, respectively, and Az and myself on bass and vocals, respectively) aptly coined the Ssik Nightmare as we blazed our way through a handful of coversongs by Black Sabbath, Guns N' Roses, Chuck Berry, and even Elvis! To top everything else the finale was led by Matt into the whole bar singing the national anthem. It was a blast and we'll all be sure to do it again another time.

In rather exciting news, I am happy to announce that there will be a new CD planned from Zadoc: Vampire Theatre next year. Reuniting for the first time in 6 years on the recording will be the "Classic" lineup of Dark Cloud, Kirk Brinley, Zadoc, and The Jester. There are sure to be guest appearances from other former members and good friends as well. We're still in the preliminary planning stages, so we'll keep you posted as we progress.

I have a few treats to unleash for the site to keep everyone occupied. Starting today and every Friday I the site will be featuring Fiendish Friday's Epitaph Interviews in which we will be posting interviews with former bandmembers, staff, and even some familiar friends here and there. For the debut interview we proudly present An Epitaph for RaYzor. Keep checking back every Friday for a new interview that might bring back some old memories as well as a chuckle or two.

Finally, as some of you might know, I posted a response to a few inappropriate posts in the Zadoc...and the Nightmare forum back in August. This morning a pair of posts were made that, although I felt harmless enough to leave up in the forum, needed to be replied to just the same. What I had to say was too long and wordy to simply post into the forum, so to those interested in reading it, it has been posted here.

November 2nd, 2003 October has proven to be a pretty active month for the Nightmare, as well as for yours truly. October 11th started things off with Zadoc filling the role of bass player for SINdy Crucifix's C.O.A. at the Landmark Theatre - a full review can be read on Tom Around the This was a pretty crazy event that saw former Nightmare members Illin' and SINdy alongside of Zadoc in SINdy's solo project at the Landmark Theatre.
The Nightmare next played a double ended weekend on October 17th and 18th at Lucky's in Rome, and at Bridge Street Music Hall here in Syracuse, respectively. The crew at Lucky's were some of the coolest folks to work with and gave us a warm debut welcome to Rome. Also that night was a punked out set by our friends in Born Again Savages. Unfortunately, in our aftershow excitement we managed to forget our beloved bass player Az and left him behind back in Rome! Thankfully, J.T. from the Savages was kind enough to give him a lift home intime to rest up for next day's performance at BSMH with our friends in Ssik Humor. It's always a blast to hang with Dee, Matt, Geoff, and Shawn, especially playing on the largest stage in Syracuse. During Ssik Humor's set, Zadoc once again was invited up to provide some backing vocals for their tune Broke.

Next weekend saw us back up into the North Country playing alongside of Hypnotica, Roman Singleton Project, Know Fear, and Judas Priest Tribute - Victim of Changes. After playing another fun set on another large stage, Zadoc again was called upon for some vocal help from the Roman Singeton Project, this time performing Ozzy Osbourne's "Over The Mountain".

Finally, Halloween night saw the Nightmare return to Bleachers alongside of some other great performances from Caroline Blue (performing a tribute to KISS, complete in classic KISS makeup), Dogs On Mars (in which the band members all dressed up like their axeman, Darin Scott, this was f'n hysterical!), and a blistering set from Watertown's Caustic. There was a great turnout which saw many of our good friends arriving (some in costume, including Bleacher's own Craig Costello) and which we made many new ones as well.

Again many thanks go around to everyone for making October such a fun and successful time for us here at the Nightmare. We'd personally like to extend extra special thanks to: John Thomas (thanks for giving Az a lift and for the pics), the Sarge (for the extra hand promoting us and making us band of the month on his website TATW), Still Kicken Productions, Jason and Sue from Metal Scene and the Poetry Pit, Hypnotica for "car pushin'" - lol, Illin', Reverend Joe Savage, and of course: Bleachers, Club 342, Lucky's, BSMH, Ssik Humor, Enertia, Caroline Blue, Dogs On Mars, Caustic, Born Again Savages, and of course our friends and family for coming along with us and supporting us at the various shows.

Now that the thanks are out of the way, check out the Photograph Library which has finally been reconstructed. Some of our video captures from our current shows have been added, as well as many candid and humorous photos from our distant past. I have alot more to add (which lately has been almost daily additions) so keep checking back to relive many great memories from our past shows and our great extended history.
Thanks to all again, and be sure to catch us back at Lucky's in Rome on November 14th with our friends in Ssik Humor.
September 27th, 2003 Nightmare bassist, Az Mordecai, celebrates another birthday today. We all wish him a good one and look forward to many more years ahead together. It's been an absolute pleasure to work with someone as dedicated, energetic, and hardworking as Az.

Until our Halloween shows, you can still check out two upcoming shows with former Nightmare members Illin' and SINdy Crucifix. October 4th sees Illin' and the rest of the Born Again Savages hit Club 342 with our friends Ssik Humor. While October 11th at the Landmark Theatre you can catch Born Again Savages again alongside of SINdy's Children of Apathy where Zadoc will be filling in for the bass duties for the evening.

September 9th, 2003 The Nightmare would like to thank Ssik Humor for having us out to the Bridge Street Music Hall last weekend. As usual, we all had a blast hanging out with our friends in Ssik Humor and look forward to pairing up again soon.Last weekend's show also saw the debut of our new drummer Carmen Giocondo. Those of you who caught the shows we've done at the Stag Hotel will realize that Carmen is no stranger to the Nightmare, as his band The Late Prophets has shared a few billings with us.
While the Nightmare is gearing up for Halloween, unfortunately the Metal Scene show scheduled at the Planet 505 on September 26th has been cancelled. Metal Scene is looking into rescheduling the date and we'll let you know when and where as soon as possible.
However, make sure to check out our Halloween bashes at Club 342 up in LeRay, NY (just north of Watertown) on October 25th, and at Bleachers in Liverpool, NY on October 31st.
Finally, a congrats from the Nightmare to Dee of Ssik Humor and his wife Marsha on the birth of their son Daniel yesterday (September 8th, 2003).
August 29th, 2003 The Nightmare will be joining Ssik Humor on two upcoming performances: September 5th @ Bridge Street Music Hall, Syracuse, NY, and also September 26th for a performance organised by Metal Scene which will also feature Hypnotica, and Enertia. (Note: the September 26th show has been cancelled) The good news? Admission for the September 5th show at Bridge Street Music Hall will be FREE!! If you haven't come out to see us or Ssik Humor yet, September 5th is a perfect opportunity to do so. See ya there...let the Ssik Nightmare tour begin.
August 14th, 2003 In response to some posts that have been removed from the forum, Zadoc once again takes a few moments to reflect and comment on these posts.

Click Here to read.

August 4th, 2003 Our thanks go out to Still Kickin' productions (for putting on great sound for both nights), Healing Hearts of Northern N.Y., Metal Scene, and to our friends in Wiremouth, Ssik Humor, Hypnotica, O.B.I.E., and R19. An extra thanks goes out to Geoff from Ssik Humor for lending his bass to Az for the August 2nd show after one of our cars blew a tire that was carrying some equipment (thanks also to Matt, Dee, and Shawn for showing up early and helping us load in after we arrived a bit late). The Nightmare's lineup has made a few changes, keyboardist Ambrosia has left the band due to illness and personal problems and was not able to perform at either the July 20th or August 2nd performances. We wish her a speedy recovery and best wishes for the future. However, we're just about finalizing breaking in our new drummer which we'll probably be announcing shortly. Last but not least, the Nightmare and Ssik Humor are trying to put together a small package deal to feature both bands on some future billings. We've had a blast hanging out with these guys at the last two shows (the Nightmare is no stranger to Matt and Dee's previous bands Tolerance, Krypt VI, and Sane) and musically the two bands seem to mesh very well together. We look forward to putting together a mini-tour and maybe branch things out to a few neighboring states as well. Thanks again to everyone for their support and we'll see you on the Ssik Nightmare tour.
July 8th, 2003 The Nightmare would like to thank Craig Costello and the Bleachers crew as well as This, Stone Soul Foundation and Ridgid for putting on another fun show July 5th. Although we had a few problems with the house PA and some minor fire hazards it was still an eventful evening and was great to see so many old friends as well as making new ones. The Nightmare is currently breaking in a new drummer that will hopefully make his debut July 20th in Watertown for the benefit show being put on by the Healing Hearts of Northern New York. All proceeds from the event will be going to the family of T. James A. Hornsby, a 9 year old boy who lost his life in the Black River in Jefferson County on June 16th. If you can make it out to the North Country, this is certainly a show that should not be missed. The Nightmare has also been slated to open the August 2nd Metal Madness show at Mr. McGills in Utica, N.Y. alongside of Wiremouth, Pile of Heads, and a spectacular Iron Maiden tribute act, Live After Death. Make sure to head out to this one early as the Nightmare goes on at 1pm.
June 23rd, 2003 The Nightmare has been slated to appear at Bleachers' 1st annual Not at The Beach Blast...for the Shut In and Fair Skinned! alongside of This, Stone Soul Foundation and Rigid on July 5th. This will be the first performance with new bass maestro Az and may possibly christen a new drummer as well. Make sure not to miss this debut of the new band and come out to support Bleachers which is making great strides in supporting local music in the Central New York area.

Zadoc has also been slotted to headline a benefit show for Healing Hearts of Northern New York on July 20th and will be pairing up once again in August with former cohorts Pagan Holiday 1313 for a few dates in Watertown, NY. Further details will be announced soon.

June 5th, 2003 Zadoc...and the Nightmare are slotted to perform at an event comprised of bands paying tribute to the artists that have inspired them. The Nightmare has chosen to perform a handful of Guns N' Roses songs to join the festivities. Re-Uniting for the event will be former drummer RaYzor, joining Zadoc, Az, and Ambrosia playing such classics as Rocket Queen, which the band previously recorded two years ago for a Guns N' Roses tribute CD.

Many more local and regional acts are expected to share the billing, and the headliners will be some of the area's top tribute acts including The Soft Parade a Doors tribute band hailing from New Jersey. So far the event is in it's planning stages, so more details will be revealed soon.

April 9th, 2003 Zadoc announces a (slightly) new lineup to the Nightmare: Continuing on from her previous stint with the Nightmare, Ambrosia has chosen to continue onwards and has brought bassist Az into the fold. The three piece has begun to rehearse the old material and is introducing new material into the fold while searching for a drummer to complete the circle. The band is about to begin putting together promotional material starting with a photo shoot slated within the next coming weeks. A new look for the website will surface shortly afterwards. Former drummer RaYzor Castaldo alongside of his former bandmates Exit and Darren Blunt have also begun preparations for a 99 Special reunion. Having been one of Zadoc's favourite regional acts as well as a hometown inspiration this will surely be a great act to see perform once they begin touring. With any luck, hopefully we might play a few shows together again. Either way you'll be sure to see the Nightmare in full support of this legendary Tribal-Industrial juggernaut. Also, the possibility of RaYzor helping out the Nightmare on a part-time basis is certainly not out of the question...
March 17th, 2003 The Nightmare is yet again in face of another lineup change due to the inability of the band members to maintain a reasonable rehearsal schedule. Sadly although there was a good amount of talent and camaraderie, I feel that I need to move ahead as the band has been spinning it's wheels for the past 6 months and wouldn't be ready to perform for some time to come. If things were to change in regards to their abilities to maintain a respectable amount of dedication to rehearsal, the doors are still wide open for the former members to return. I have enjoyed working with the former lineup and am sad to have to part with them, but being stagnant is not how I'd like to spend my time. Currently, I am working again with sequenced arrangements and seeking out a more dedicated lineup as well as venturing into new compositions and arrangements. There should be a more steady stream of updates on the website to keep you all clued in to the current whereabouts. I'd like to give thanks to the former members for doing what they have done well, and wish them luck into future endeavors. As for me, it's time to get working again.
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November 29th, 2002 The Nightmare is happy to announce that it's 3 song teaser demo Tragically Ever After is now available from and will be available at all future performances. This three song demo was recorded in-house to whet the appetites for our album in-progress which will be slated to commence production in January of 2003. Also, in the good news department, the Nightmare has finally secured a permanent bassist. Our new low-end thumper simply known as Animal is currently being schooled in the vast library of Zadoc...and Nightmare and will have his bio page up shortly. Finally in really, REALLY, happy news I am proud to announce my sister, Marlo Angell, who filmed and directed several videos for the Nightmare married her long-time boyfriend Peter Jasso on November 19th. A streaming video of the ceremony can be found on by searching under her new husband's name.
November 9th, 2002 Once again the Nightmare performed another fantastic show for the people of Watertown. Debuting returning members Ambrosia and RaYzor, the band revisited many classics from the band's 1997 release "...As the Curtain Falls.." as well as the newer favourites.

The Nightmare sends it's thanks to The Edge, Supernaut, and NFU for hosting such a successful performance, as well as SINdy Crucifix for filling in on the bass guitar duties for the evening.

October 31st, 2002 First off, the Nightmare would like to announce an impromptu performance November 9th at The Edge in Watertown, NY that was to originally be headlined by Black Sabbath tribute Supernaut. Due to a member of Supernaut being unable to attend, the Nightmare will be performing the show with Thrown to Tragedy on Saturday, November 9th and will also have a few Tragically Ever After 3-song teaser demos on hand. The 3 songs should also be appearing on our homepage around the same time.

Meanwhile, check out former Nightmare drummer I.M. ILLIN and the Born Again Savages November 8th at The Bridge Street Music Hall in East Syracuse, NY and again at the Erotic Art Show in late November.

Lastly in a few brief quips, former Nightmare bass player/arsonist Mike Turner (aka Batboy)has been ordered by police not to trespass on the property of Zadoc and his wife Courtney after an attempted burglary. Neither Fulton police nor Zadoc himself believe Turner to be the burglar that struck the property in July of this year. If anyone has any information on either attack on Zadoc's home, please contact me at the following e-mail address:

On a happier note, former Guitarist and founding member Kirk Brinley is expecting his first child. Brinley, who left the band in August of 1999 is still a close friend of the Nightmare despite leaving the music scene behind him on his departure. Congratulations from Zadoc, Monster, Ambrosia, and RaYzor!

October 8th, 2002 Speaking on behalf of Supernaut (Black Sabbath Tribute) and Zadoc...and the Nightmare, my apologies go out to all the bands and people looking forward to attending this event. The performance was cancelled by the owner of the Lost Horizon this week and although the organizers of RocktoberQuest attempted to move the show to a different venue, there wasn't enough time to work out the details with alternative venues. It's a sad day when 20 bands are willing to play for free in order to raise money for Cancer Research only to be cancelled at the last minute by venue owners. Thanks to all the bands willing to donate their time towards this cause and hopefully we'll find another way and another day to bring Syracuse some great bands and also fight this deadly killer.
September 4th, 2002 In a sudden decision after a short vacation break from the band, Nightmare drummer I.M.Illin has left the band due to musical differences. Basically, Illin and the Nightmare had different ideas concerning the band's musical direction. It has been an honour and a privilege to work with such a high caliber of musician and all of us here in the Nightmare wish Illin the best in all of his future musical endeavors, and the possibility of future collaboration is certainly not out of the question. Meanwhile, former Nightmare drummer RaYzor has returned to the fold and has been welcomed with open arms. RaYzor has a long history with the Nightmare, having performed the bands first dozen shows and later returning as a keyboardist for the band's 1997 release ...As the Curtain Falls..." only to return to the drummers throne months after the albums release. After an initial rehearsal with RaYzor the band feels re-invigorated and has become a more comfortable unit than before.
August 18th, 2002 Supernaut, the Black Sabbath Tribute debuted their new vocalist earlier than expected this Saturday at The Rock in Watertown sharing the bill with Watertown's own Caustic. This was the first show to feature Zadoc at the helm of the band and was a good warmup for their September shows, as well as a fun outing for the band.
August 12th, 2002 First, the Nightmare would like to thank all the people who made yet another Erotic Art show a success at the Stag Hotel Saturday, July 27th. Special thanks to Chuck Westfall and the rest of the Promise Breakers, and J.P. Crangle for livening things up again. We also had a great time playing once again with our Cincinatti co-horts Pagan Holiday 1313 in Watertown and our own Lost Horizon here in Syracuse. Special thanks to the Pagan crew: Mike Pagan, Eric Pagan, Gary Pagan, and Heroin and also Tom, Jason, and Sue from Supernaut for coming out and photographing the Watertown event. We will definitely be teaming up again in the future, possibly in Cincinatti next time! The Nightmare is also glad to announce the return of our keyboardist Ambrosia (formerly credited as Seek/Kim Mercier). The reunion of Zadoc, Monster, and Ambrosia was long overdue and may introduce a new side project in an acoustic nature as well as introduce a new collaborative songwriting effort for the Nightmare. Ambrosia was present at the final mixing stages of our 1997 release ...As the Curtain Falls... and performed several shows thereafter and will also be featured on our upcoming release Tragically Ever After Finally, in a benefit for cancer research and relief Supernaut will be hosting a charity performance aptly named RocktoberQuest with a large billing featuring both Supernaut and Zadoc...and the Nightmare. RocktoberQuest will be held October 12th at the Lost Horizon and will feature the two bands alongside of Thrown 2 Tragedy, Number 2, Wiremouth, Cliff Diver & the 6lb. Bucket and many other acts for a $10 admission as well as catering being available for an all day event. Please make sure to attend to help raise money to find a cure for this tragic killer.
July 25th, 2002 The Nightmare is happy to announce a few new show dates for July and August, seeing us paired up with our 1997 tourmates Pagan Holiday for a 3-day mini-tour in August. Filling in on bass guitar duties for this summer's shows again will be Joe DiRienzo of Born Again Savages, with a possibility of former guitarist SINdy Crucifix returning to the fold for a few nights. Plans to record the performances with Tragically Ever After producer Gary Dobbins may see songs recorded from the 3-day mini-tour may appear on our forthcoming album.
July 25th, 2002 Early Friday morning someone 'broke' into my home and stole my Nintendo 64 and Sony Playstation game consoles along with all of the accessories and over 40 games. The value of the property stolen is far over $500 and therefore constitutes a felony burglary charge. My wife and I do not wish to press any charges against anyone, we just want our belongings returned, no questions asked. There was no sign of break-in and unfortunately, the only person who could have possibly had a key is a former member of the Nightmare. It is sad when someone you tried to help out of a rough time turns and stabs you in the back like this. I have only posted this here as I am sure some of you are still in contact with this individual and might be able to provide some information that could help my wife and I recover our stolen belongings, or lead to an arrest of this individual before he burglarizes someone else. If you have any information at all that might help, please contact either myself or my wife at: or to contact my wife, Courtney. Thank you for any information you can provide.
July 13th, 2002 Hmm...Zadoc sings Black Sabbath? Apparently so. Zadoc has become the new vocalist for Watertown's ultimate Black Sabbath tribute bandSupernaut. The band featuring Zadoc in the lead vocalist slot should begin booking in September, and of course you will find the performance dates listed on this website, along with the performance dates of our other sister bands Born Again Savages and Children of Apathy.
June 14th, 2002 After long weeks of rehearsal, the band has finally broke ground on our way to our new album, Tragically Ever After The band has returned to Eastwind Studios where the 1997 release of ...As The Curtain Falls... was born. Illin' and temporary bassist Joe DiRienzo are no strangers to Eastwind themselves it being the same studio used for the Undergang and Born Again Savages recordings. With producer Gary Dobbins at the helm, Zadoc alumni SINdy Crucifix helping with guitar parts, and the familiar engineering of Dave Huyck and Mike Jaffarian (who both worked on the Curtain recordings), we've managed to begin capturing a new dynamic recording rooted in a familiarity that we hope you will enjoy. Currently, we're taking a much deserved small rest and hope to continue the good successful recording sessions we've had so far again shortly. Look for another update soon, as well as a few new shows to report for this summer.
May 8th, 2002 After much delay, the graveyard is now coming along again, albeit slowly. Many new bios are up, as well as a fresh new layout. With the new layout in place, it should be gradually completed.
April 15th, 2002 Dark Cloud and the Nightmare have yet again parted ways. As rehearsals for our forthcoming CD, Tragically Ever After have commenced, it has became painfully obvious that Dark Cloud was not able to keep up. Dark Cloud helped form this band almost ten years ago, and has been in and out due to personality conflicts with Zadoc himself. At first it looked highly likely that a new project would spawn with Zadoc and Dark Cloud more reminiscent of the band's earlier years, but later on Dark Cloud resigned from wanting to participate. It now looks as though Zadoc and Dark Cloud will continue a working relationship as a songwriting team, which is what they do best. All of us here at Zadoc...and the Nightmare wish Dark Cloud well and hope that things have turned out for the best. Meanwhile, Joe DiRienzo of Born Again Savages fame will handle the Bass duties for the recording which is set to commence in May. No official replacement has been discussed.

Meanwhile, in the Children of Apathy camp Zadoc may be taking a more permanent role in SINdy's band. SINdy, Ghandi, and Zadoc are currently rehearsing and recording a smattering of songs to build up a press kit to play some more shows.

March 15th, 2002 The Nightmare has been working pretty hard as of late, hence the lack of updates to the site. We're happy to announce that we've found a producer for our forthcoming album Tragically Ever After, Gary Dobbins, famed for his work with countless amounts of artists including God Lives Underwater. I have been demoing a totally acoustic recording of the material slated for the album, which I intend to release as a small solo effort entitled Solitaire, which should be available within a month or so.

You can check on the progress of Tragically Ever After by clicking this link. I will update it as we move along. In Children of Apathy news the show set for this Saturday March 16th, is on. In a surprise turn of events, I, myself will be performing as guitarist with the band with the absense of former guitarist Ash Bowie. This debut performance of Children of Apathy seeing Zadoc with former Nightmare alumni SINdy Crucifix and Ghandi NiJew will be an early show in the afternoon around 5pm.

February 25th, 2002 Check your closets and under your beds to make sure to wish a happy birthday to Monster. New photos and such should be on their way as well as a progress report on how Tragically Ever After is progressing. Children of Apathy's ever changing show-date has yet again been moved to March 16th.
February 4th, 2002 Added a video for Save Me from Friday's show. Due to the low lighting the image quality is a bit dark, but it is up for your enjoyment nonetheless.

Children of Apathy have released their version of Paper Dolls, which sounds quite abit different from the version the Nightmare play live. Give it a listen and check it out. A license arrangement may see a studio version from us as well.

February 2nd, 2002 Another great show last night at the Stag Hotel with amazing sets by Small Girl Boils Water and Wiremouth. Also on hand was SINdy Crucifix, Ghandi Nijew, and Ash Bowie of Children of Apathy in which SINdy joined us onstage for a rendition of Paper Dollz. Thanks again to Dick at the Stag for having us for another round of the REVENGE OF THE SON OF SAMMY, as well as thanks to our friends in Children of Apathy, Small Girl Boils Water, and Wiremouth for another fun evening at the Stag. A new title for our forthcoming CD has been conceived, and the album will be aptly titled "Tragically Ever After".
January 30th, 2002 For your enjoyment a new acoustic version of Save Me has been released and is available for download and web-streaming at This version was recorded as a gesture of thanks to all of you. It has been one crazy year and I extend this dedication to the guys who make it all happen - Dark Cloud, Illin, Monster, and SINdy Crucifix. Enjoy!
January 27th, 2002 In a mutual parting, the Nightmare waves goodbye to guitarist and former keyboardist SINdy Crucifix. Due to time constraints and conflicting schedules, SINdy no longer has the time needed to continue with the Nightmare. SINdy will however continue making music in his other project Children of Apathy and has his debut performance on March 9th. We will continue to keep you updated on SINdy's whereabouts and we are sure we will cross paths again in the future. From all of us here at Zadoc...and the Nightmare, good luck, SINdy, and hopefully we'll share the stage again sometime soon.
January 9th, 2002 Although we intended to take the season off for a while, we've decided to play a few shows to release some steam.
Zadoc...and the Nightmare will be appearing:

Friday, February 1st at the Stag Hotel for another REVENGE OF THE SON OF SAMMY Night with Small Girl Boils Water and Wiremouth

Sunday, February 10th at Armory High with Big Midgets, Jesters, Sillyium, and Days in Vain

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December 31st, 2001 Happy New Years and make sure to wish a happy birthday to Dark Cloud. In news about the band and the forthcoming album, things are progressing well. Expect to hear some updates soon.
December 16th, 2001 Zadoc makes an appearance on a short documentary about the legendary Syracuse area industrial band 99 Special. The video can be downloaded online courtesy of 99 Special's official website
Click here to download Daze of 99 Special mpeg format, 38Mb
November 11th, 2001 Thanks to all those who made THE REVENGE OF THE SON OF SAMMY show a blast. Special kudos again go out to Chuck Westfall, our very own Illin', and the rest of the Promise Breakers for putting on another great show at the Stag. A special surprise guest made an appearance shocking the Nightmare...perhaps more shocking is the fact that he is teaming forces with us once again.


Bio will be up soon, as I am about to collapse from the great night I had tonight!

September 30th, 2001 The Nightmare announces two new shows: October 21st - Armory High and November 10th - Son of SAMMY show at The Stag Bar. Cosmetically, the site is getting yet another facelift, as you can tell by the new navigation bar on your left. More should be done soon as well as repairing broken links.
September 11th, 2001 Zadoc...and the Nightmare gives their hearts out to the lives lost in today's terrorist attacks. Justice will prevail to those responsible. Let us carry on doing what we do, and thank the powers that be that we belong to the United States of America

Thanks for your love and support, but give that love to our country tonight.

August 24th, 2001 Special thanks to Greg Yeti for having us as the opening band for Torpedofest this Sunday. Even though the audience had barely arrived in those wee hours, it was still a pleasure. A video or two should be available sometime this week.
July 29th, 2001 New videos of the live performances of Nightshade and No More Goodbyes at the Erotic Art Show from July 21st. Nightshade will be featured on the forthcoming album Paper Dollz, while No More Goodbyes is a classic song that hasn't been played since 1995 (It is a great song written by Dark Cloud and myself, and was long missed from our repretoire) Enjoy! See ya at Armory High August 19th. Also wish a happy birthday to SINdy CRUCIFIX
July 23rd, 2001 Zadoc announces a new show date for August 19th, 2001 at Armory High (formerly Styleen's Rhythm Palace) with Flashing Astonishers. Thanks to everyone who came out to the Erotic Art Show at the Stag Bar. It was a fun show, and we're glad everybody seemed to enjoy themselves. Thanks again to Chuck Westfall and our very own M.C. Illin. Our apologies for yet another server move, but the site will begin to be updated again regularly, as I've made another move from my PC to my brand new Amiga Tower setup, and will reconstruct the site from my new machine. Thanks for your love and support, and a happy birthday to my wife, Courtney...
June 24th, 2001 Zadoc regrets to have to inform those who have known and supported us that one of our own has passed away. Elliot Brown (aka Skarekrow) passed away on Sunday, June 10th 2001 by accidental drowning. Skarekrow was briefly with the Nightmare, helped design the album cover for Beyond Our Eyes as well as contributed backing vocals to Barefoot from the same album. Skarekrow also performed with former Nightmare member Steve Moore in a short-lived jam band prior to joining the Nightmare. Elliot Brown was 22.

Elliot M. Brown
June 10, 2001
Godspeed...thanks for your work with us

June 13th, 2001 Zadoc announced a new performance set for Saturday July 21st at the Erotic Art Show at the famed Stag Bar in downtown Syracuse.
The band performs along with Beauty Scene Outlaws, The Late Prophets, Small Girl Boils Water, Electric Machine Porn Project. Local art featured by Joey Larkin, Lee Brown Coye, Richard Williams, Elliot Mattice, Chuck Westfall, and many others.
This will be the first performance featuring new drummer, Illin, and will also unveil three new pieces slated for the next album, titled: Between, To Kill a Messenger, and Nightshade.
March 31st, 2001 Due to a bout with agreements not being met, the March 30th show caused a chaotic scene starting with a small speech explaining the mishap by Zadoc after a foul mix and equipment failure. This led to an unprofessional verbal assault on the band by the club owner, which caused a shouting match between fans, the bands, and the club owner. The band offered to reschedule a new date. The show will be at the band's expense, by their offering, meaning they play for free. Unfortunately, the incident started with Low-Key productions not complying to arrangements agreed upon by the band and the promoter, such as time slots, and mixing problems complicated by the other act. The Nightmare provided the P.A. equipment and Lighting and was not paid for their services either.

The Nightmare wishes no ill-will towards Low-Key Productions or Atmos/Fear X (the other band on the bill), but has unanimously decided to part ways assuming control over their own bookings and now insists on recieving all deals in writing.
The rescheduled show is tentatively in May. And as an apology for the debacle to the band and the fans, the Nightmare is planning on offering some form of free merchandise as well. More will be announced.

Zadoc's official Statement can be found in the Fan Forum by clicking here
Chris Halen of Low Key Production offers a reply here

March 23rd, 2001 Finally started the history section. I will be adding pictures as well as filling in a few more bits of history soon.
March 17th, 2001 As a thank you to everyone who purchased the "...As the Curtain Falls..." album, and those who gave us support on our recent line-up change, the band has re-recorded "Twisted" for free download.
March 3rd, 2001 Low Key Productions have announced a March 30th performance of Zadoc...and the Nightmare This promises to be a fantastic show. The band will be playing an extended setlist covering old and new songs. This will also be your first chance to catch the return of Dark Cloud and his infamous firebreathing. (see March 31st entry)
February 28th, 2001 Zadoc...and the Nightmare have teamed forces with Low Key Productions care of former drummer, Chris Halen. Halen, best known as the infamous X-Man on 95X, has agreed to take over the booking and promotion aspects of the band. Any inquires about booking can now be directed to the X-Man directly
February 19th, 2001 We extend our warmest welcome to Ghandi Nijew, our new sound, computer, and guitar technician. I have added his bio to the band biography section and it will be updated soon
February 5th, 2001 After much speculation as to who would replace D.D. Nightmare, the shocking decision to re-employ former bassist and songwriter Dark Cloud has been finalized. Dark Cloud, who was best known for his collaborations on such classics as "The End of Time", "Brotherhood of Death", and "Bathory's Web", as well as his flashy fire breathing, was last seen in the band three years ago. Dark Cloud's bio page has been added and will be updated soon.
January 22nd, 2001 Did some work on the band Bios for SiNdY, D.D., and myself...Added some pics to the bio sections and some more neat stuff. Also added a section for Interviews and Reviews as I'll be doing some work on the video section soon...
January 20th, 2001 Fixed the navigational bar up, added some new sections and buttons. I also fixed the video link for Beyond Our Eyes should work now...
January 10th, 2001 I fixed the video section as well as adding the first new video from Saturday's show...The Drive. Once again we'd like to thank everyone for helping send Tom Around The World!! Bon Voyage, Tom!
January 4th, 2001 In with the new year we have added a message board. Go to the Fan Forum to access it. A new show has been slated for Tom Carpenter, of Born Again Savages fame, for January 6th. Meanwhile, the band is beginning to write a new albums worth of material, and will have fully produced Music Video to boot. Lot's going on...thanks for all your support and we'll see you on the 6th.
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October 3rd, 2000's been a while since I've updated this page, but here we go... You can now buy our T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, and Mousepads(?) at our new Online Store brought to you by As those on our mailing list know, Monster has been replaced by SiNdY CRUCIFIX due to drug related problems, come see the new lineup on October 28th at the Third Rail, or if you were lucky enough to receive an invitation, at Zadoc's Wedding slated for Friday October 13th. Also, the CD release for 1997's "...As the Curtain Falls" has finally hit the net, you can buy this classic CD at now with an added bonus track. Soon to follow will be "Curtain" T-shirts and other merchandise. The main page has gone over a slight overhaul, now providing show dates complete with maps and directions. Also given a facelift is the bio page. Alot of you seem to like the new looks and faster load times, as I'm trying to overhaul this whole site to make it both visually stimulating and fast at the same time. One final update is that the graveyard is starting to fill up, of new interest are the old fliers from past shows. It's kinda of time consuming considering the LARGE collection I have, but it WILL be finished soon as well as our new CD which is seeing the finishing touches.
 August 14th, 2000 I suppose this one goes with out saying...There is a new pretty slick Navigational Bar to your left to help reduce page loading times and of course, to make your navigation a bit easier. If for any reason your browser is an old one and you cannot display frames properly, feel free to e-mail me with any problems you may have with Navigation and I will try to correct them for you. Shows will resume soon as our transportation problem is being resolved. Look for "The Drive" to appear on soon...Expect the sites images to be updated soon, as well as some new things in the graveyard
 August 8th, 2000 Just a few here...Added new links to Ember Swift, Crappy the Clown, 99 Special, and Artifice... Bathory's Web is now on our site, and it's available for download! Take a listen and buy the CD! Touched up some graphics and such...See you soon...
 July 25th, 2000 Ace (Steve Moore) has left the band to join a less serious project...He will not be rejoining the band, that is our decision, not his. We are still on good terms, however we need someone with a bit more professionalism.
 July 24th, 2000 Just a couple of minor additions, see the latest video Vampire Bride from the show...A picture of X has shown up and is on his page now (He is also in the videos as well) Just a couple of page links fixed...
 July 20th, 2000 Lot's going on again...The latest page we created is seeing its' first video, "Save Your Tears" from the show in June. The CD, Beyond Our Eyes is now for sale in its' incomplete form (4 tracks) exclusively online at for $5.99! Also added to our roster of completed tracks on is Vampire Bride...Please give us as much support as you can, we actually get paid for each listen as well as CD sales...Look for shows to start again shortly as our transportation has been on the blink as of late, and check out the Tidbits page for more videos coming soon...
 July 11th, 2000 Our three song recording has been finished! Art and packaging is still left to do before the CD will go on sale, however, you can hear the tracks "Birth of Darkness" and "Beyond Our Eyes" by going to our site. Also glad to say we've added a link to one of the most missed local bands - 99 Special in our links page.
 July 2nd, 2000 I have added a new page from links for recording studios, radio stations and other contacts...Dan wished to announce that he and Toni were married on Monday, June 26th.
July 1st, 2000  Couple more changes to keep Mistress Courtney on her toes...A new page has been constructed for Interviews, sound clips, video clips, etc. Currently added is the 95X interview with Dan talking to the X-Man Chris Halen. I decided to keep both Guestbooks operational just in case of another crash with the server. Hope everyone caught the debut of "Save Your Tears" on 95X 6/30/00 on the Overnight Express. Thanx alot X-man!
 June 29th, 2000 Once again I hope the Web-Mistress isn't too alarmed here...The front page has gone a slight overhaul again, and best of all, we are now on and all of our music will be available for your listening pleasure BEFORE the CD is released! The "Barefoot" MP3 (1 minute sample) is still available for download, but you'll have to buy the CD to keep the music (that is how we make a living, you know...) The GlobalGuest guestbook is giving us some problems so a new Guestbook is in place until the problem is resolved.
 June 25th, 2000 The What's New Page has a new look to it...the Bios page now has Behind the Scenes People on it, so there no longer is a page for Behind the Scenes People. X, the lighting technician has been added to the page...the Links page has been completely reformatted to different categories of links, and is much easier to navigate...there is a new shorter address for the Zadoc website: The old address still works as well...there is still a ton of work being done on the Graveyard, and I am waiting until it is complete to post the entire thing.
 June 20th, 2000 Perhaps the webmistress may be a bit surprised at the on-site MIDI being attached to various pages... All the music has been written (or at least cowritten) by myself and performed at various points throughout the band's career...Thanks to all who attended the show this past Saturday.
 May 23rd, 2000 There are two shows coming up: June 17th and July 15th at the Third Rail in Cortland for Music has been let go from the band.
 May 14th, 2000 A HUGE Thank You goes out to everyone that showed at the Lost last night, the show was great and we had so much fun...also, there's a new page devoted to links to other bands.
 May 9th, 2000 Added new pics of Dan, Monster, and Ace on their pic pages.
 April 17th, 2000 It has been decided that the band's name has changed to Zadoc...and the Nightmare.
 April 6th, 2000 There is a show coming up May 13th at the Lost Horizon with Ultra-Phli, Stryct-9, and a 4th band TBA.
 April 4th, 2000 Steve Moore has re-joined the band on guitar. There are several shows in the works and the newest CD is partially finished.
 March 28th, 2000 Everyone's bio pages have been changed, and Skarecrow has been fired.
 March 16th, 2000 I have re-vamped the site so that (finally!) if you want to view pics of everyone and stage pics, you can click on thumbnails...this will mean a lot less loading time.
 February 28th, 2000 I have put up two of the band members' e-mail addresses: Leslierose and Lord Zadoc. There are links to their e-mails on their pages. Skarecrow will have e-mail soon. There are new pics of Lord Zadoc, Monster, Dan, and the band on their bios and on Photographs.
 February 17th, 2000 Skarecrow's page is now up...check it out. There will be pics of him soon.
 February 5th, 2000 There is a new page on the site, it's called Zadoc Graveyard..check it out! There is also a new guestbook, go to the Graveyard page to view the old guestbook. Also, there is a new member of the band, Skarecrow. A page will be up on him soon.
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December 16th, 1999 Naz has been fired, and we are working with someone right now to replace him on keys.
December 4th, 1999 Ssik of Prophecy and formerly of Sunshine, Krypt VI, and Penetration X has joined the band on guitar.
December 3rd, 1999 Mike was let go from the band for various reasons.
October 28th, 1999 There has been a new addition to Zadoc, Monster, formerly of Sunshine, will be on guitar.
October 26th, 1999  

 Daniel and Russell are back on stage; Daniel will be on bass, and Russell will be doing theatrics...There are new pics of Naz, Mike, and Nathan on their pic pages...Daniel and Russell's bio's have been moved back with the other band members...Don't forget the show in Cortland this Saturday, and there is another big Three Rivers Inn type show in the works...finally, new songs have been worked on and will probably be ready for the next show.


October 14th, 1999 Mary has left the band due to time constraints with her job.
October 10th, 1999 There are two new shows coming up at the Wolf Inn; check them out on the Club dates page.
October 2nd, 1999 There are new pictures of Russell and Toni on their pages...check them out!
September 28th, 1999 Steve has been fired; Mike will be replacing him on guitar...The Wolf Inn show is for October 9th, not 8th.
September 13th, 1999 I have completely reformatted everyone's bio pages, please check them out...there are new pics of all of the band members and on the Photographs page.
September 2nd, 1999 There are finally some pics up of Naz, Mike, and Leslie (better ones will be up soon)...Three shows are scheduled: September 28th on Aggravated Assault Live on Ithaca TV, October 8th at the Wolf Inn, and October 30th at the Third Rail.
August 20th, 1999 The show in Watertown went great last night, special thanx to Pagan Holiday; it was the first time onstage for Naz, Mike, and our new dancer Leslie. The videotape is now available...go to "Merchandise" about video orders. There was a mutual decision between the band and Kirk that it was time for him to leave the band, his last show was last night...Leslie's Bio is now up, as well as bios on people who work with the band including Daniel, Russell, Toni, and myself, please check them of everyone will be available very soon, Toni took tons of photos.
August 9th, 1999 Daniel has decided to retire from the stage to focus more on promotion and bookings of the band...There is a new member of Zadoc, Mike, a bass player. Check out his bio and there will be pics of him and Naz soon! Also, there will be a show October 30th at the Third Rail in Cortland.
July 16th, 1999 A show is coming up August 19th, check out Club Dates for more info...I've also added a site map at the bottom of each page for easier navigation.
July 6th, 1999 Lot's new!! Zadoc: Vampire Theatre, Zadoc's latest release is a CD-ROM version filled with photos, complete lyrics, internet links, and much more, and will be available by the end of this week; please visit the "Merchandise" section to learn all about it, and also info on Zadoc Vampire Theatre: As the Curtain Falls, Zadoc's classic demo with such classics as "The End of Time" and "Birth of Darkness"! Also, please visit the "7th Sin Recording Studios" section, which is now up and running.
June 20th, 1999 I have added Naz's bio, and more pics of Steve, Mary and the band.
June 14th, 1999 Steve, Daniel, and Naz have rejoined the band; I am working on their pages right will be awhile before photos of Naz will be available to put on his page. A huge apology to anyone who attended the June 12th show. For an indepth explanation, please e-mail.
June 9th, 1999 The cassette release is finished, you can email for info, or purchase it at the June 12th show. There is a .wav file available to listen to a sample on the main page and the cassette page.
June 6th, 1999 Zadoc's newest cassette will be available for the June 12th show! Go to "Merchandise" to view the tape cover and info
June 4th, 1999 Dan and Kyle have left the band, and there is a show coming up June 12th at the Wolf Inn, check Club Dates!
May 3rd, 1999 There are tons of new pics of Kirk, Mary, Nathan, Dan, and Kyle in their bio pages and the photographs page. Also, some new club dates have been announced for May and June.
April 24th, 1999 The newest show from Cortland is now available on videotape. Many new shows to be announced. There are a ton of new pics of Mary, Kyle, Dan, and the rest of the band in the photo and bio pages! Please check them out!
April 18th, 1999 Just got back from the show and it went great! Thanks to everyone who showed and supported. Two new songs were performed, and the Punch Drunk Monkeys were fabulous! I am adding a link to their web site on the links page, so please check it out. As always, a tape will be made available to purchase of last night's show, just email for info!
April 13th, 1999 Dead with the Roses has just been added to play at the Wolf Inn show the 17th of April, and Lord Zadoc has composed two new songs that will be performed that night.
April 9th, 1999 Zadoc appeared on an Ithaca TV show last Tuesday, and things went great! Also, I have created a Zadoc calendar...find more info on it on the Merchandise page.
March 31st, 1999 I've just added a new photo of Mary, check it out!
March 29th, 1999 Lots of new pictures added; Dan, Kyle, Kirk, Zadoc, and the photograph page all have new pics! Also, there has been a change in band lineup at the April 17th show, Constant Velocity is out and Vigilante is in.
March 27th, 1999 There has been a couple of lineup changes in the band; Russell is still with the band, but not playing drums. He will be more involved in design. Steve has once again been let go.
March 14th, 1999 I took out a lot of pictures (especially on the photographs page) to make room for a lot of new pictures that I am adding.
March 11th, 1999 I re-formatted the merchandise page. I took all the video tape info off of it and put it on it's own page, to get to it, simple click on the title "Video Tapes" on the merchandise page. This will be how all the other products will be viewed.
March 1st, 1999 More club dates announced, and there will be plenty of new pictures coming very soon!
February 27th, 1999 I've added pictures of Mary, as well as some other photos, please check them out!!
February 21st, 1999 Thanks to everyone that came out to the Wolf Inn show! And thank you for signing the guestbook...more club dates to be announced soon! Also, I've added a new link for Aggravated Assault.
February 17th, 1999 The bands Psychotic Options and Constant Velocity will be appearing with Zadoc at the Wolf's Inn Saturday, February 20th.
February 16th, 1999 Don't forget the upcoming show at the Wolf Inn the 20th! And I am also in the process of preparing a newsletter to email.
February 13th, 1999 Mary Anson has joined the band; she is the second keyboardist, I am working on her page currently, and there will be pictures and more info on her soon!
February 11th, 1999 I've added a guestbook, so please check it out and sign it!
February 9th, 1999 I've added the 1/30/99 Wolf Inn show to the merchandise list.
February 7th, 1999 There will be a show coming up March 13, check out club dates for more info.
January 31st, 1999 For those of you that caught the Wolf Inn show the 30th, and for those of you that didn't, there was an accident; Dan's chest and chin caught on fire during the show, but he is doing fine now and recovering.
January 23rd, 1999 There was a mistake, Steve is still with the band, he is now however, the bassist. Russell's and Kirk's pictures have finally been added. Please don't miss the upcoming show the 30th at the Wolf Inn!
January 21st, 1999 Steve is no longer in the band, and I have added some more links to the links page.
January 13th, 1999 I added the info in Russell's page, finished Dan's page, cleaned up a lot of the pictures, and am in the process of adding Kirk & Russell's pics, and new pics of Kyle.
January 12th, 1999 I've added Russell's Bio page, although it's under construction.
January 11th, 1999 I've added a ton of pictures to Photographs, as well as pics to Zadoc's bio, new pics to Kyle's and Steve's bios, and pics to the main page, and club dates. More pics coming soon of Dan and Kirk.
January 8th, 1999 I have added a huge links page to the site. It includes links for gifs, horror movies, merchandise, etc. It's kind of big, so please be patient with it!
January 6th, 1999 I've updated the songs page, and added Lord Kirk Brinley's bio. There are also updates on the club dates page, and I will soon be adding Kirk's, Nathan's and Kyle's photographs.
January 5th, 1999 I've added info on videotapes available throughout the merchandise link. Also, I've begun to list the songs of Zadoc Vampire Theatre, that will be finished soon. Info on Nick Fuoco's 100 kegger also coming. The photograph site will soon contain photos of the entire band, individuals, and concert shots.
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